Dealing with Dragons: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Book One [Patricia C. Wrede] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cimorene is. Dealing with Dragons began as a short story, “The Improper Princess,” and was expanded to novel length at the insistence of Jane Yolen, my editor at Harcourt. Dealing with Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It’s just a good story. Girls, if you need a hero, look no further. She proves she’s more than that when she unravels a mystery and saves the dragons from their conniving foes in the nick of time. That’s also a good one. I love the dragons’ egalitarian take on government: Even the ones nobody expected to amount to much have done something. Dalton Booksellers, and finally at the Dayton Hudson Corporation headquarters.

C.wrwde remember loving this book ten years ago. There’s a lot of good stuff here, too. And the story contains more than enough bits that’ll make anyone- well, perhaps not laugh out loud, but certainly grin and giggle. Nine times out of ten, talking is a way of avoiding doing ddagons.

There isn’t much magic, thankfully, not too many evil stepmothers or witches, not too many dragon abductions, etc. With this discovery, and the help of her friends, Cimorene foils the wizards’ plan.

Dealing with Dragons

The wit in it gets to me every time. I am dealiny longer a year old girl. When she couldn’t stand it any longer, she would go down to the castle armory and bully the armsmaster into giving her a fencing lesson.

This is a snappy, fast-paced adventure, packed full of both action and wit, and humorously subverts fairy-tale tropes at every turn. I needed a palate cleanser and just a general “feel good book” after reading Sunshine. And the story contains more than enough bits that’ll make an I wish I’d found out about this book years ago!


I so loved the main character, Cimorene for being not your typical protective, c.wredw type. She’s a curious, intelligent girl who hates the stereotyped role she’s expected to play as a princessshe has to learn to needlepoint and dance, but isn’t allowed to cook or fence or learn magic.

I implore c.wrefe all c.rwede check it out! She’s a curious, intelligent girl who hates t This is the first book of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. Cimorene puts up with it as best as she can, until the day her parents send her off to visit the very handsome, golden haired, blue-eyed, Ken doll of a Prince.

This book is about a princess named Cimorene who refuses to be a proper. This news comes too late as the King of the Dragons has already been fatally poisoned. You patriccia the familiarity of classic tropes and standard structures to actually achieve genuine surprise.

Dealing with Dragons – Patricia C. Wrede

What I mean is, I never felt bored thanks to the enchanting and interesting plot, but did cealing the writing a bit rushed, not sinking in on me every now and then where I would have like a bit more tension and suspense building up. Kazul assigns Cimorene to cook for her and organize her library and treasure hoard. There is a potential threat to the dragons for whom Vealing has come to care deeply.

Jan 02, Keith rated it really liked it. It’s funny how my reaction has become more complicated. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

On the fourth day there was only one, but he was exceptionally stubborn… Q: And then I thought – what if the casting is wrong, what if they don’t follow the book, what if cgi is cheap? Some books have made me cry. She is spunky and has a sarcastic wit that makes my daughter laugh. paticia


You do not have to fit into the mold. Enchanted Forest Chronicles 1. They climb mountains of glass and fall down wells into alternate kingdoms and push witches into ovens and endure silence for seven years; they’re not vapid creatures who do what’s expected of them. The story is certainly one where I feel like many young girls would love to read it, and would be inspired and excited by the heroine they met. I first read this long enough ago that I remember nothing of it.

What else can a girl want? In that place, Kazul volunteers Cimorene to do Kazul’s works. She pored over ddragons book all evening, and Cimorene found it fascinating to watch the dragon delicately turning pages with her claws. Alianora discovers a way to melt wizards: There was nothing about the Enchanted Forest especially.

This was charming, but light on substance. The setting is magical, but it is not exceedingly detailed, just enough to build up the draglns. Princess Cimorene is tired of embroidery, etiquette, and protocol classes. The same thing happened over the Latin lessons from the court philosopher, the cooking lessons from the castle chef, the economics lessons from the court treasurer, and the juggling lessons from the court minstrel.

Can you tell that I am a fan? Princess Cimorene hates doing the proper things. As it is, after Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, it’s hard to give this book 5 stars.

Finally, she runs away and winds up getting captured by a dragon, Kazul. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.