All products mentioned in this integrated annual report are not for sale to persons under the age of Appointed to the Distell board on 1 July 6 Dr Edwin. ‘distell’, ‘we’ or ‘our’) for the period 1 July to 30 June All products mentioned in this integrated annual report are not for sale to persons under. These summary group annual financial statements have been compiled by the. Company’s appointed Appointed 2 November Rudi Jansen is a director whereafter both Capevin Holdings and Distell will be delisted.

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Establishing a corporate social responsibility strategy that aims to reduce the harmful impact of alcohol abuse.

Annual report

Make your career work for you. For an overview of our material corporate responsibility issues please see page Reduced competitive advantage over the medium term. Accounting policies March Acal plc Accounting policies Disgell Basis of preparation The consolidated financial statements of Acal plc and all its subsidiaries have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting More information.

Their goal is to keep on bettering their best efforts.

He was appointed as a director in Corporate affairs is responsible for communication, social responsibility via the Distell Foundationstakeholder relations and reputational issues, and functions and events. Under our strategic theme of Care and Contribute we are actively supporting community-based projects and are treating the prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder FASD and educating youth to make prudent choices as company priorities.

Collaboration with local government authorities to quantify illicit trade for monitoring purposes; and assist in the effective enforcement of local legislation. Leading single malts, Tobermory, with its extremely smooth taste profile, the robustly peated Ledaig and Deanston, an outstanding Highland whisky which is handmade, un-chilled filtered, are all award winners.


People make it happen!

Hunter s is also becoming dostell significant global cider player in Africa, Asia and Europe. Now a national monument, it is the centre piece of the farm, one of South Africa s most popular wine destinations for domestic and international wine tourists.

Annual Reports | Competition Tribunal

It explores grape varieties both established and lesser known. High returns were maintained and good cash generation More information. Failure to build skills in line with South Africa s employment equity requirements. Dear fellow Shareholder and Moa Hunter.

Offering attractive remuneration and other incentives. Legislative changes placing restrictions on sales, marketing and distribution of alcohol which lessen competition in-market and impede our ability to craft brands. HEINEKEN has once again demonstrated its ability to deliver a positive financial performance despite the challenging economic environment.

Pay excise duty to the State Pay tax on income to the State Remunerate employees for their services Provide shareholders with a return on the use of their risk capital Cash disbursed among stakeholders Net cash retained from operating activities Reconciliation with cash generated Cash value added above Less: These are clearly marked and explained in this report.

Unlike sweet ciders, we are dry best enjoyed ice cold from the bottle with a lemon in the neck. Distell s financial performance The Group s strategy is aimed at enhancing shareholder value, through sustained growth in revenue and earnings.

It provides a high-level overview and performance review of Distell Group Limited, its subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures collectively referred to as Distell, we or our for the period 1 July to 30 June One exception to the standard reporting period used in this report is the broad-based black economic empowerment B-BBEE statistics measured for the period July to June These are valid until December While the majority of our products are manufactured within South Africa, we have a worldwide distribution network and investments in countries that include Angola, France, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Scotland, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.


Failure to recruit, identify, develop and retain a sufficient talent pool that enables the Group to pursue current and future strategies and business initiatives. Scarcity of water supply.


His role is to lead the development and execution of effective consumer engagement strategies across the portfolios in South Africa and BLNS countries. Our Scotch distelll malts are impressive too.

While the Group has not sought third-party assurance over its non-financial data, its B-BBEE performance has been independently assessed and verified. The next stage involves blending to achieve the desired flavour profile. Amarula Cream sells in over countries.

News – Stock Spirits

Dedicated resources to drive the change management process. Corero Network Security plc, the AIM network security company, announces its geport results for the year ended 31 December Domestic trading conditions have proved challenging as competition intensifies and South Africa s consumer spend on non-durable goods food, tobacco and beverages remains under pressure, given ongoing real declines in disposable income.

Investor Conference – 17 November Close co-operation with industry bodies to address alcohol abuse. It built its first brewery outside the British Isles More information. Spirits Our spirit portfolio consists of super premium and premium brandies, cognacs, white spirits, whiskies and liqueurs. Unavailability of grapes and bulk wine to meet demand for our wine brands across the quality and cultivar dlstell. Counterfeit Reputational damage if counterfeit goods has defects which cause harm.

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