Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing. CTE photo. Tomson Highway. Tragi- comedy drama in two acts by Tomson Highway, first produced in. Nominee, Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing tells another story of the mythical Wasaychigan Hill Indian. This article reconsiders the place of hockey within Tomson Highway’s play Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, ultimately arguing that the re-evaluative.

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Refresh and try again. What I really find fascinating about the future of my life, the life of my people, the life of my fellow Canadians is the searching for this new voice, this new identity, this new tradition, this magical transformation that potentially is movd magnificent. Within the first moments of the play, hockey is already an access point to larger issues.

“Voyeurism and Gendered Violence in Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing” by Erica Parnis

Wagamese is here tying together the desire to own and dominate the game of hockey with the overarching compulsion to conquer and claim space, cultures, histories, and so on.

Legitimately the worst thing I’ve ever had to read for school.

Post-colonial stages are particularly resonant iapuskasing from which to articulate linguistic resistance to imperialism. By conflating the revolutionary space of the hockey arena with the theatre auditorium, Highway sends his audiences away kapuskasung the message that they are the people capable of revolution; of course, the reception of this revolutionary message depends on the constitution of the audience.

It occasioned critical controvery over the portrayal of the denigration of Native women by the men. But from the first couple bits of dialogue I was going oooh boy, here we go again on another mindfudge trip. Several passages in “Dry Lips” are written in Cree, Ojibway or both and as a lios serve to distance readers unfamiliar with the Native American languages from the text.


Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing

Zachary wants to start a bakery, Big Joey a radio station. Aug 12, A rated it it was amazing. Weird mixture of comedy and disturbing realism. Containing absolutely no female characters besides those who are raped, drunk and simultaneously pregnantor a sex-partner for one of the many male characters.

Highway works to disable the dramatic mechanisms that may lead white audiences to believe what they just saw is a self-contained, stable testament of True Nativeness that they may understand, pack away, and leave in the theatre. The arena thereby becomes a space that straddles both tradition and Western influence, a space claimed by tradition from such influence. The only light left onstage is that coming from the television screen.

To submit an entry, please consult the guidelines for submissions. Moreover, as a sport that has been adopted and adapted by First Nations communities, hockey provides an ideal reflection of what Highway is doing with Euro-Canadian dramatic conventions, on a micro-scale, and with colonial traditions and powers, on a macro-scale.

Tomson Highway is an important playwright. The Politics of Performance: The entrance of First Nations players into the NHL was precipitated in part by their own hockey leagues, hockey oyghta that sprung up in reserve communities in the face of their exclusion from town leagues.

However, with Dry LipsHighway seems aware of these temptations and attempts to derail their possibilities; just as the Wailerettes recode kapus,asing game of hockey for their own purposes in order to provide for a better fit for themselves, Highway employs kaupskasing Trickster, Nanabush, to disrupt conventional Western play aesthetics. On an extra-textual level, the play resists colonial rdy through its use and abuse of European theatrical conventions, a disruption that speaks to the potentially adaptive nature of culture.


The wailing, then, is an aural interruption that cannot be fixed; its origins are untraceable, unknowable. Jessica Langston Concordia University. In iughta was invested as a Member of the Order of In the six decades since he was born in a tent in the bush of northernmost Manitoba, Tomson Highway has traveled many paths and been called by many names. Brown on November 5, Written with little room for creative expression on the part of the director, “Dry Lips” is set up as a play with strict ideas about what should be accomplished on stage and in production.

In First Nations communities, hockey is used in conjunction with the medicine wheel as a mode of communal healing; community-based hockey tournaments similarly provide opportunities for community gathering, not unlike a pow wow While the female hockey players remain unseen to the audience, we hear both the sounds of pucks hitting the boards and the women shouting at the same time as we see the men screaming at them from the bleachers and Big Joey broadcasting the game.

Early in the play, Pierre St. I skimmed the last bit. Mike Chaulk Concordia University. I think I’m done with Highway. It was certainly disturbing at times, and very sad, but also very real.