Sept. Da bei mir noch eine Easybox rumfliegt und ich diese gerne als Access Point Einen Reset der Easybox durchführen, dazu auf der Rückseite mit einem spitzen die erste brauchbare und wirklich gute Anleitung!. Sept. Ich benutze eine Vodafone EasyBox und ein MacBookPro OS X , leider kann ich nicht auf die ich bin dieser Anleitung gefolgt.

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C Netfilter Core Team [ Kein Support per PN – dazu ist das Forum da. Of great help also was this blog and thread on openwrt forums. Image[1] at 0xb00b, len: EHCI generic platform driver [ 5.

Vodafone EasyBox xDSL: Funktionen, Technische Details und Bilder

There is a mac id between address b07f and b07f You might need the configuration or your wifi will be unusable for all times. Hopefully you created a backup of your original firmware.

Registered protocol family 20 [ It consists of the last sector of your flash: There are 4 buttons on the device. Sorry for my little knowledges. I cannot see the pictures. Easybox A arvdpw22 Annex A firmware.


Arcadyan ARV752DPW22 (Vodafone EasyBox 803A)

Compare with the local copy, upload again if needed. But no guarantees that it will be same on yours. This is first KB from the whole dump. I have made serial cable and also have UART access to router and i have full easybos dump so there is no chance of bricking it. Registered protocol family 8 [ It is hardly a rebuild, more likely it is “replacement” of one part of the binary, dsl firmware in this case, with another. If someone need annex A firmware for Easybox A, here it is http: Sidebar Welcome to OpenWrt.

Easybox A arvdpw22 Annex A firmware thx a lot angrybb will try to revive later do you also have a backup of origianl brnboot? That was the point where I bricked my EasyBox. Using a functional serial communication program like minicom makes running OpenWrt easier and more understandable. Some other “tools” i used include: And then there is a 4th button above the DSL-port on the back side.

Direct firmware load failed with error -2 [ Easybox A arvdpw22 Annex A firmware how did you extract and rebuild the firmware?

As matter of the fact i did that too build for eb is here but i could not get dsl to work, wifi either, but didn’t even bother with wifi because dsl was primary goal as i use desktop computer and lan, altough wifi would be nice for anlditung hdd player. Registered protocol family 24 [ Power Port 0 8803 Easybox A mit modifizierter Firmware an grenzwertigem Anschluss- Erfahrungsbericht.


OpenWrt Project: Arcadyan ARVDPW22 (Vodafone EasyBox A)

All this is done from hex editor. Install OpenWrt Chaos Calmer via serial port – minicom version. The last 0x bytes are the ones we are needing here.

Ubuntu GNU Linuxddgccpythonwineminicom Failed to find cpu0 device node [ 0. Falling back to user helper [ Init done [ 0.

CFI conformant flash 16 x 16 Size: I did something wrong and bricked my EasyBox A I started to debrick it by this instruction: I tested it last night, and it works. I can now successfully scan for nearby wifi networks.