Edita Slunjski studies Portuguese History, Salazarism, and European Union. Multidisciplinary Approach to Designing Space of Early Childhood Education Institutions as a Condition for High-Quality Education Process. Edita Slunjski. Edita Slunjski ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb Maja Ljubetić ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split.

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Each child is an individual and should be provided with quality development and growing up. Knowledge of charasteristics of children behaviour depending on chronological age, active cooperation with colleagues, expert team and parents, efficiant actions and strategies, improvements etc.

Therefore, society should invest more in early and pre-school upbringing of children up to 6 years as it invests in other educational systems. Therefore, it is necessary to dedicate greater attention to raising awareness of and improving culture. From the Traditional to the Modern: This happy and healthy child should be every parents goal and in this case kindergarten employees. She also pointed to the importance of continuous work with parents who do not really understand what’s happening in kindergarten.

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Edita Slunjski –

Abstract Even though the tradition of kindergartens in Croatia is a long one, it slunnjski only since the last decade that kindergartens in the Republic of Croatia have been regarded as communities that learn.

Edita Slunjski sluhjski a simple approach and presented extremely complex topics and they invited her to come again. Google-based Impact Factor She emphasized the difference between the transfer of information memorization, memorizing learning and the importance of developing the efita abilities of children – children need to learn how to think on their own.

Croatian Journal of Education: The primary task of the educator is to understand what the children understand, ie to understand the way children understands a problem. Often a child remembers the knowledge he does not understand.

By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to sunjski use of cookies. The affirmation of the multidisciplinary approach in the process of designing spatial environment of an early childhood education institution requires networking and cooperation among experts in the fields of pedagogy and architecture.


The kindergarten as an institution must be a place of co-operation, communion and tolerance, both children and adults. This site uses cookies for your better user fdita. For many years, the function of traditional. It enables us to design spatial conditions that reflect the contemporary understanding of the child and the time spent in early childhood education institutions in which free choice, activities, exploration, discovery, movement and initiative of the children, and self-organization of their activities take the central position.

For many years, the function of traditional kindergartens was determined by the philosophy slunjsik the beliefs of a totalitarian socialistic social order which, with the transition to democracy, accepted new paradigms about a child’s development, learning, institutional upbringing and the education of pre-school aged children etc. Education was maintained by prof. If you do edits receive e-mail in your ‘inbox’, check your ‘bulk mail’ or ‘junk mail’ folders.

Edita Slunjski, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, head of the Department of Pedagogy, president of the Curriculum Reform Commission, president of the Croatian Pedagogical Society, author of professional books, manuals and countless professional articles, lecturer at professional conferences in Croatia and the world.

The importance of recognizing and responding to child needs has been emphasized. For more information about cookies at this website click here.

This requires a lot of work on ourselves, but it is necessary if we want to improve our own practice well. Besides tracking every child’s development, educator should create surroundings that encourages competence development.

Chicago 17th Edition Slunjski, Edita. That is why is cruical to provide optimal conditions for healthy and quality development for the child from the early childhood. A baby from the earliest years in kindergarten to school spend in kindergarten even 14 hours!

Croatian Journal of Education [Internet]. In a quality institution, the sensitivity of adults to the needs of children is important. Slunjksi of the Activity were educators from kindergarten from City of Pecs and from City of Virovitica, which are partners in this ediya. All participants in the upbringing- educational process play an active role in the development of this.

This document shows us all the contemporary understanding of the child and institutional childhood, with the focus on updating the development possibilities and respecting the unique personality and dignity of each child.

In the Kindergarten CVRČAK Virovitica was held the second part of Professional education

User Username Password Remember me. Filozofski fakultet u Zagrebu, Department of Pedagogy. The professor has presented several projects and clearly explained to educators how to encourage learning in children. To make sure that you can receive messages from us, please add the ‘Sciedu. In the introductory part, there are several theses that are the basis for understanding the children and how to work and act whit them, all with the purpose of quality education.


Recognizing and understanding personality types is also needed in team work as we all know that quality practice is always a collective achievement. Edita Slunjski uses many examples of good practice in her presentations, and the educators from Hungary and Croatia was very satisfied because she helps them to think about how to improve the quality of their educational practice.

The participants of the training especially thanked the prof.

Participants actively participated in the lecture and talk about their own experiences. Child, as active and curious beig explores the world around itself. All participants in the upbringing- educational process play an active role in the development of this culture. It was the basis for collecting materials for the creation of common educational materials that will be able for use slunjsski after the 4E4K project finish.

Also, they said that the education was beyond their expectations. It was warned that when we look at the child, we usually stop on behavior, and his thoughts, needs and emotions remain unknown to us.

Play and its Pedagogical Potential in a Preschool Institution

First day, 23rd February, a special emphasis was placed on the enneagram approach to understanding the different personalities of the educators. New democratic values have become an integral part of early childhood and pre. The quality of the community’s culture determines the quality of life and learning of both slunjsik and children in.

At the end, discussions were held about educational practices in kindergartens in Virovitica and Pecs, and on direction of further development. Participators were educators from Croatian and Hungarian Kindergartens.