JEITA EIAJ Standards (as of August in ). General System, Category and Title , Spec. No. (Test No.) Life Test, JEITA EIAJ ED/ Life TestⅠ, Steady. EIAJ EDA – Read more about eiaj, jeita and EIAJ ED ꞉ (EN) Enviado por Selvakpm Direitos autorais: © All Rights Reserved. Baixe no formato PDF ou leia online no Scribd.

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An amount of deflections with 1. The semiconductor devices that are made with the object of being mounted on printed circuit boards by means of the surface mounting method.

Sharp-Reliability Test Standard for IC_图文_百度文库

The position where a specimen is fixed 3. The standards related to integrated circuits IC and separate volume Appendix had been published, and the standards related to discrete devices SD separate volume Appendix and separate volume Appendix had ed-47702 published. Bias Intermittently 1h on 3h off. This standard is specified of a bend stress of ieaj joint on a eiak circuit board as a part of standard of a reliability test method.

Even the same specified amount of deflection is applied, the stress on joint in the case of span 50 mm is not the same stress in the case of span 90 mm,because of the radius of curvature of PCB is not the same. It is not intended to obtain the assurance value of the supplied lot.

Wafer Level Reliability test methods for semiconductor devices. However, to simply carry out measurement and analysis of electrical characteristic, it is better and common to use the dedicated TEG at an early development and evaluation stage in order to efficiently carry out the test. Test temperature and time are 12 Thermal t1 to be as stipulated by individual Shock specification. Unless otherwise specified, perform this test only once.

The time required for the test was not specified because it was impossible to specify the hold time with number of operating conditions and of to-be-guaranteed conditions, existing on the market. Even the same specified amount of deflection is applied, the stress on joint in the case of span 50 mm is not the same stress in the case of span 90 mm, because of the radius of curvature of PCB is not the same.


Calculation of Useful Life Attached Paper? The temperature of the air surrounding the specimen. The criterion of judgement is in principle to conform with separate specification. F See below Surface Temp. Where necessity arises for any division of the company or for any kind of product to designate a separate standard, such standard or any applicable specification is to be distinctly indicated.

Because this test might be affected by complex cause of substrate material, solderability, SMD, wiaj so on, the failure shall be conformed whether SMD has root cause or not, when eiwj occurred.

Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corp.

Standards Related to Reliability Test |Sanken Electric

The visual inspection and the electrical and optical measurements which the specimens are submitted to in the first place before carrying out the tests. Or along with the popularization of lead free, solder shall be lead free solder such as Tin-Silver-Copper solder.

ASoldering Heat Unless otherwise specified, Use below condition. Now our company has been making every effort to ensure the quality and reliability of the procured parts and components by means of the quality assurance program centering around the qualification tests and, as a part of the program, is using “Required Reliability Test Standard” which are commonly applied by all the divisions of our company.

The members of this PG agreed that the measurement is at interval of some bending cycles. This phenomenon might affect to broken strength data. This status never occurs in actual use. Kouji Obinata Sony Corp. Topmin ; Minimum operating temperature Topmax ; Maximum operating temperature The hold time starts when the temperature of the specimen reaches the specified value. If a failure occurs, check whether it is caused by the SMD itself and take appropriate action.

Since an examination result may be affected when it differs from this specification, what is specified in individual specification is recommended. The list below shows why the test conditions described in Test method were so specified. In the first mentioned case, actual devices are measured.


3-3 Standards Related to Reliability Test |Sanken Electric

Environmental and endurance test methods for semiconductor devices Stress test I Maximum allowable supply voltage. However, in eia of heat sink attached SMD, heat sink shall be caught. Lead wire terminal is to be bended to contrary direction and plate terminal to ordinary direction, both up to 90 degrees and then back to original position with same speed. The temperature of package shall be checked by measuring method described in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

The deflection to press is only X delection. Therefore, the availability of the data shall be confirmed. Table 2 shows the test conditions proposed. Moreover, during wiaj electrical measurements, the measurement conditions should not exceed the maximum ratings. The temperature cycling test conditions are: The axis of peel load shall be within 5 degree against vertical direction.

Standard comparison table of quality and reliability test methods for semiconductor devices. New Japan Radio Co. F Maximum allowable supply voltage? Procedure of the test time and the sample size determination for the life tests. When the packages subject to the evaluation test are possibly mounted on a double print board, it is recommended to evaluate the life of the soldering with the components mounted on both sides of the board.

When stress happens to a eisj due to self-heat generation by semiconductor devices, it leads to breakage. During development stage of the standard, propriety of acceleration equation was also discussed. Reference Because this test shall be performed under actual use condition essentially, this standard provided the endurance test method is instead of actual use condition as similar as possible. Definition of Terms …………………………………………………………………………………………… 3. B t1 1cycles Metod2?