La Aventura del constructor de Norwood) -Desde el punto de vista del experto criminalista -dijo Sherlock Holmes-, Londres se ha convertido en una ciudad. Sherlock Holmes i el constructor de Norwood [arthur_conan_doyle] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. bgwiki Приключението със строителния предприемач от Норуд; enwiki The Adventure of the Norwood Builder; eswiki El constructor de Norwood; etwiki.

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Holmes,” he continued, when they had gone, “I could not speak before the constables, but I don’t mind saying, in the presence of Dr. His great skill as a popular author lay in his technique of involving readers in his highly entertaining adventures.

Lo siento en los huesos. This window on the left is the one which opens into Oldacre’s room.

Sherlock Holmes, you may look for your tramp, and while you are finding him we will hold on to our man. All my instincts are one way, and all the facts are the other, and I much fear that British juries have not yet attained that pitch of intelligence when they will give the preference to my theories over Lestrade’s facts.

Watson, creo que lleva usted cerillas en el bolsillo.

Sherlock Holmes I El Constructor De Norwood. LIBRO NUEVO

You can hardly find a flaw in the case which can now be presented against him, and all further investigation has served to strengthen it. He worked as a military physician in South Africa during the Boer War and was knighted in for his exceptional service. La Aventura del constructor de Norwood.

And how deceptive appearances may be, to be sure! For an hour he droned away nkrwood his violin, endeavouring to soothe his own ruffled spirits. Oldacre tries nowood pass off his actions as a practical joke but is taken into custody.


The fact is that there is one really serious flaw in this evidence to which our friend attaches so constructlr importance. Well, well, I daresay that a couple of rabbits would account both for the blood and for the charred ashes.

Within the gates Lestrade met us, his face flushed with victory, his manner grossly triumphant. Holmes’s assistant, the faithful Dr. The bank account of “Mr.

The latter was blinking in the bright light of the corridor, and peering at us and at the smouldering fire. I told you that you should go to Blackheath first and Norwood afterwards.

La Aventura del constructor de Norwood – Arthur Conan Doyle – Google Books

I feel it in my bones. I trust that when I see you in the evening, I will be able to report that I have conxtructor able to do something for this unfortunate youngster, who has thrown himself upon my protection.

Besides, I owed you a little mystification, Lestrade, for your chaff in the morning. Desaparece un conocido constructor.

Such a very natural action, too, if you come to think of it. Again, would you choose an occasion when you are known to be in the house, when a servant has let you in? Perhaps I shall get the credit also at some distant day, when I permit my zealous historian to lay out his foolscap once more—eh, Watson? But she was constructorr close as wax. I dare say that in the course of the day I shall drop in at Norwood and see how you are getting on.

Holmes, when I heard a shocking story of how he had turned a cat loose in an aviary, and I was so horrified at his brutal cruelty that I would have nothing more to do with him.


I knew nothing of this affair until I was in the train, when I read what you have just heard. When the detective departed, my friend rose and made his preparations for the day’s work with the alert air of a man who has a congenial task before him. Sherlock Holmes was leaning back in his cohstructor after his whimsical protest, and was unfolding his morning paper in a leisurely fashion, when our attention was arrested by a cobstructor ring at the bell, followed immediately by a hollow drumming sound, as if someone were beating on the outer door with his fist.

The only connection between the story and South Norwood is that South Norwood’s railway station, Norwood Junctionis used by Oldacre. There have been further and sinister developments in the investigation at Norwood. I thought he had not the nerve to lie quiet before an alarm of fire. But she would not express either surprise or regret over the fate of Oldacre.

Confiese, Lestrade, todo eso es muy improbable. However, Holmes becomes quite sure that something very devious is afoot, as he had examined that part of the house only a day earlier, and the thumbprint was quite surely not there then.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes. I pay a good deal of attention to matters of detail, as you may have observed, and I had examined the hall, and was sure that the wall was clear. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.