El organito (The Little Organ) (s), written in collaboration with Enrique Santos Discépolo, p. in La escena (); (Buenos Aires: Losange, );. Enrique Santos Discépolo was born on March 27, in Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina. He was married to Tania. He died on December 23, in. Enrique Santos Discépolo (Discepolín) (27 March – 23 December ) was .. The organito, a portable player-organ, broadened the popularity of certain.

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Armando Discépolo

Argentina has the second largest economy in South America, the third-largest in Latin America and is a member of the G and it is the country with the second highest Human Development Index in Latin America with a rating of very high. He perfected all the elements of farce and grotesque, with his face painted with extreme make-up. Argentina [videos] Argentina listen ; Spanish: Commercially, Todos Los Romances peaked at number four in Spain and was certified double Platinum in the country.

In the mids, she moved to Mexico, where she filmed Cinco rostros de mujer and she returned to Argentina and starred in Don Juan Tenorio and Filomena Marturano, which were subsequently taken to the theater.

Ettore Petrolini January 13, — June 29, was an Italian stage and film actor, playwright, screenwriter and novelist. The almost-unparalleled increase in prosperity led to Argentina becoming the seventh wealthiest developed nation in the world by the early 20th century, Argentina retains its historic status as a middle power in international affairs, and is a prominent regional power in the Southern Cone and Latin America.

Carlos Gardel — Carlos Gardel was a French Argentine singer, songwriter, composer and actor, and the most prominent figure in the history of tango. The first generation of players was called Guardia Vieja.


Esta noche me emborracho Tango. Villoldo had to record in Paris because in Argentina at the time there was no recording studio, early tango was ciscepolo by immigrants in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

Argentina — Argentina, officially the Argentine Republic, is a federal republic in the southern half of South America. Bandoneon — The bandoneon is a type of concertina particularly popular in Argentina, Uruguay, and Lithuania. List of film score composers topic The following is a list of notable people who compose or have composed soundtrack music for films i.

Each year is annotated with a significant event as a reference point. Member feedback about List of film score composers: She travelled to Argentina indebuting in the Teatro Maipo. Tango music and dance have become popular throughout the world, the first Tango ever recorded was made by Angel Villoldo and played by the French national guard in Paris.

Her father and an older sister, Angelita, died o It took time to move into wider circles, in the early 20th century it was the music of thugs and gangsters who visited the brothels.

Hani envisioned the new body as both a citadel of popular sovereignty, and the means of realizing a peaceful revolution, the National Diet Library opened in June in the present-day State Guest-House with an initial collection ofvolumes.

Buenos Aires or ; Spanish pronunciation: By the s musicians ciscepolo writing in a form that was something more than thinly disguised milongas or tangos andaluces.

Inshe was awarded both a Diploma of Merit and a Platinum Konex for her comedy work in film and theater. Early years Born in Rome on 13 January ,[n 1] Petrolini was the fourth of six lrganito of a blacksmith from R Her period of greatest popularity came in the decade, when she led films like Los isleros, considered her best performance, Guacho. Discepoko is a Argentine drama film directed and written by Daniel Tinayre.


Latin American Studies Association.

Armando Discépolo | Revolvy

Thereafter, he created an average of two plays per year siscepolo until Member feedback about Theatre in Argentina: The melodic line, with deceptive simplicity suddenly breaks in, with a force which excludes complaint.

His films, of lamentable fate, were persecuted by the military dictatorship in Argentina The earliest recorded presence in the area of modern-day Argentina dates back to the Paleolithic period.

Bandoneons were historically produced primarily in Germany, and were never produced in Argentina itself despite their popularity, as a result, by the s, vintage bandoneons had become rare and expensive, limiting prospective bandeonists. Member feedback about Amelia Bence: The average age of the cast was 42 ye Member feedback about Romances Luis Miguel album: He sold 70, records in the first three months of a visit to Paris, as his popularity grew, he made a number of films for Paramount in France and the U.

His commitment with Peronism, made public through his brief and shocking participation in a controverted radio program, caused a troublesome distance between him and his old friends.