The Eldar Revenant is a large Forgeworld model, basically, it is one of the titans Rules-wise, the Revenant Titan looks a bit mediocre at first. I’ve had to redesign my Craftworld Eldar scheme about 4 times now and am To start, my Revenant titan is equipped with Sonic lances currently, and .. Aurora, Colorado Drivers Are Stunned By This New RuleWe Quote. As the title suggests where can I find the most upto date rules for the Revenant Titan, thanks for any help.

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Retrieved from ” https: Anyone have any clue what these parts are for? Jammed the largest magnet I had into greenstuff.

Revenant Scout Titan

Ghazzkull April 4, at 8: If they roll under the damage caused it is negated entirely. Eldar Titans are large mechanical, bipedal combat walkers produced by the Eldar.

I have the codex, but I can’t open the file in any program. Also with the Pulsars you can stay back at range, using that 60″ distance to a massive advantage.

Navigation Main page Recent urles Random page Help. I meanwhile set up Ilic in a small set of ruins that gave me good rulez of sight and range to his Lieutenants and Commander, and I put the Revenant center of the board, as far forwards as possible. Then the Skathach deployed out of deepstrike, landing right next to the Malcador defender, well inside of melta-range. Test fitted some of the larger components like the guns.

Revenant Titan Cost self. Secondary armament consists of a shoulder-mounted Revenant Missile Launcher, loaded with a plasma warhead. Page 1 of 1. For example, the torso and feet are going to be heavily influenced by the actual position of the legs. Breaking it out of the bags, I soaked it in dishwashing liquid and warm water, took an old toothbrush and cleaned the parts. With 32 wounds at T9, and with a decent armor save, I figured it’d be at least fairly durable, and it was to a degree.


You still get 2d6 shots from one Pulsar.

Revenant Titan Cost : Eldar

The Revenant is particularly protected by an image-distorting Holo-field projected from the Titan’s fins which can confuse auspexes of all types, this is a replacement for heavy armor and void shields used by other races. I’ve tried like 5 on PC and 4 on my Android tablet. And we didn’t bother rolling for a mission, as we titah both just wanting to test a few things.

With my second turn underway, I revdnant the Revenant to the Valdor hiding in the corner and shot it’s sonic lances at the nearest thudd-gun, but was only able to kill one due to rolling low on my 3d6 shots. For deployment we rolled Hammer and Anvil on a woodland terrain board without much cover. And that’s when the real party started It’s movement speed also got dropped slightly, and the holo-fields feel fairly weak, as they’re based on the total distance traveled.

Everything else for the most part shot at Revenant, with the basilisks doing some pretty good damage. The Revenant Titan 8th Ed.

Ads by Project Wonderful! One thing I found interesting was that now the Revenant can take different loadouts than before.

The Revenant Titan (8th Ed)

It was quite an explosive turn. Basically they should just go back to all forge world units and remove it from match play while fixing the rules. Want to add to the discussion?

He tihan has a special rule that states he can only suffer 1 damage, so that’s all I got out of him.

Revenant Scout Titan – 1d4chan

The most notable aspects of the Revenant however, is ru,es fact that they are often manned by one of a pair of siblings, with the other of the pair piloting a second Revenant close by.

In the end it and the Skathach were both down to half their wounds, and already the chances of winning the battle were looking pretty slim. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. So on tian you’d get more shots from the Rues Lance.


I think the logic behind it was to stop people taking Titans in smaller games. Smoothed the joints but not too concerned since it’s all hidden in the gun. Its 2, with the Pulsars and if you want to replace them for sonic lamces each lance is 60 pts.

Similar to the revenany Titans that are the greatest war machines of the Imperium of Manin this tihan the Revenant Scout Titans combine grace, speed and deadly firepower. The Pulsars feel like a much better choice, and have a very high chance of killing two Imperial Knights and their equivalents in a single turn.

Still though, probably not worth eldag weight Bluetack came to the rescue and I finally decided with the pose above. The Skathach put out yet another pitiful amount rebenant melta shots, barely damaging the Malcador, but knocking it down so it only had a wound or two left. My friend fielded a fairly balanced list, a whole infantry platoon with 6 squads of Krieg infantry armed with flamers and plasma guns as special weapons, Marshal Karis Venner who we’ll get to later3 Earthshaker carriages, 2 Thudd guns, 2 vulture gunships with twin punisher cannons, a Malcador Defender poor thing hadn’t seen a table in agesand a Valdor Tank Hunter who also was finally coming out of retirement.

Ilic Nightspear shot, missed, tktan pretty much didn’t do a single wound during the entire game, and eventually ate a volley of twin punisher cannons 43 shots rulea a pt model is pretty insane.

Eldar submitted 8 months ago by LorienWarden. Turn one, the Revenant jumped across the board, a staggering 32″, putting it right in front of the enemy line, and only about 2″ away from the Krieg command squad. It does make the Revenant a scary target to charge. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.