Drugs, felony charges, even jail couldn’t stop him Electroconvulsive therapy did. A manic memoir by Andy Behrman. Andy Behrman wrote Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania while convalescing from four months of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) that effectively. This is a two-part series where I explore the inner-world of Electroboy, Andy Behrman. Mr. Behrman speaks openly about bipolar disorder.

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I hold my mother’s hand. It’s a losing battle; I eventually lose consciousness. I put on my rubber gloves and scrub the entire bathroom until it sparkles – this can take an hour or longer. The Completely in Blue: It is an accurate depiction of bipolar and how difficult some cases are to manage and medicate. Andy underwent nineteen electroshock treatments over the course of about a year and a half.

A Memoir of Mania by Andy Behrman hooked me in from the very start with his childhood obsessions, his manic episodes and shocking behaviour. The salesman tells me that he has another pair with a slightly different heel, and he brings both out.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The symptoms of bipolar disorder come in different strengths and sizes.

The Shocking Tale of Andy Behrman – bpHope : bpHope

But on my quest to find a new “crazy” book, I remembered this little gem! I take off my coat and start trying on sweaters and looking in the mirror. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jul 11, William rated it it was amazing. I hope he comes out with another book in a few years that’s a memoir of Andy Behrman, not just mania.

The shocking adventures of Electroboy

Everyone in first class was probably shower ing at the same time this morning. Sometimes this gets in the way of getting work done. Andy Behrman wrote Electroboy: He’ll get his cash either way. Q and A with ‘Electroboy’ Andy Behrman. I walk back into the electeo, take an Bejrman Light beer from the refrigerator and swallow three yellow Klonopin and two plain white Ambien to try to knock myself out.


Actually, it is 3. Mar 07, Oriana rated it it was ok Shelves: Worn out and tired from five months’ imprisonment at Esmor community corrections centre, I’m pained to think my sentence bky not yet over. Throughout this recovery period, I despise manic-depression, but pretend to be its friend, so as not to set it off. And it was only after Electroboy came out that I heard from other people who said their story was just like mine.

The issue only came up at my sentencing. BipolarECTelectroconvulsive therapymaniasummer It’ll be safe here. Drugs and alcohol, in my case, fuelled my mania and intensified the andt for me, as opposed to what most people would guess self medicating would do – – to tame the beast.

I’ve slipped into the Land of Stiff Neck and Drool, a warm and sunny place. I have orchestrated the entire event, from invitations to cocktail napkins, and the morning of the opening is a busy one for me – hanging paintings, setting up the physical space, dealing with the lighting and the music. Apr 18, Micaela rated it did not nady it Shelves: It seems like a crazy person needs to come from a rich family in order to make anything of themselves.

Do you think your mental illness has contributed to your open sense of sexuality? Our story began when my child became scared of storms at a young age. May 14, Cynthisa rated bherman liked it Shelves: I rush home and curl up in my empty bathtub in my jeans and black turtleneck. My sister kisses me and starts to cry.


In the end though, it’s pretty clear, Andy had a hard time and I wish him insight and wellness. The show must go on. But most important, I’m glad that the pressure in my head has been relieved.

This was a total piece of garbage. Behrman speaks openly about bipolar disorder, substance abuse, hypersexuality, the Electroboy movie, stigma and of course, his dream of being the first ‘omni-sexual male’ on Mars. I tell him I’ll take both. Qndy a genetic thing.

His morality is dubious and extremely fluid. I was married in Novemberand my wife and I just had our first child, Kate Elizabeth, on April I feel the book was a bit to oddly structured for others to enjoy the novel.

I find my way out the front door and into a cab where I collapse. I want to talk today about bipolar disorder and occupational therapy.

Q and A with ‘Electroboy’ Andy Behrman | HealthyPlace

My phone wakes me up at 5. I’m in a hospital about to get electroshock. Andy has a great way of keeping the content at the forefront of importance, and leaving stylistics to exist as unseen functions. Today, 37 different medications and 19 electroconvulsive therapies later, the year-old Behrman is stable, married, and living in a Los Angeles suburb, where he and his ahdy just had their first child.

In part one, Mr. I’m thinking about the electric chair and being struck by lightning, and aney incessantly to fight off the terror.