This article describes the applications, process capabilities, and limitations and advantages of electrostream and capillary drilling. It describes equipment and. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Sridhar ioned.

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The weight of the samples before and after machining is recorded. During expeumeutatiou fine feed is given to the tool manually. One such problem is drilling small deep holes in the super al- loys.

A thin, electrically charged electrolytic stream is obtained by pumping electrolyte through a specially elecgrostream non-conducting nozzle glass nozzle of fine outlet diameter.

Electrostream and Capillary Drilling | Machining | Books Gateway | ASM International

A platinum wire inserted in the nozzle acts as cathode. Now the machined depth is measured using a shadow graph, Fig 2.

The magnitude of current will be more at higher concentration. Nozzle holding arrangement, 3. The method shows advantages over other hole making techniques in terms of the resulting surface quality and process reliability.

The shadow graphs of the depth and diametral profiles of the holes at different machin- ing conditions are presented and discussed. Electrolyte supplying system, 4. During this peri- od the fresh incoming electrolyte scavenges the reaction products and build up of concentration of ions in the machining zone.

Faraday in estab- lished the laws of electrolysis. So the machined hole profile is captured using the shadow graph at 20X magnification. Test conditions Figure 2. Block diagram of the experimental system of study is shown in Fig 2.


The present chapter deals with the design, related instmmentation and experimentation. For this purpose elrctrostream mental electro stream drilling machine has been designed and fabricated.

Contact between the tool and the side wail. Their tests with different amount of carbon in the steels emphasize that carbon itself, or its effect on the metallurgical structure plays an important role in inducing the passivation. This increase in current causes more luateritd removal.

Electrostream Drilling Of High Speed Steel

Additional head due to gravity is obtained by plac- ing the reservoir at an elevation. The reading were taken at 20X magnification. Performed experiments demonstrated feasibility of the use of HCl as elec- trolyte in place of normally used NaCl. Since, increase in voltage increases the machining currentthis increase in current causes an increase in machined mass.

Process details of ESD and STEM are reported in [1, 5, 6, 7, 8] Kozak, Rajurkar and Balakrishna [9] have reported a mathematical model for determining relationship between the machining rate and working conditions electrolyte flow velocity, jet length and voltage.

They also reported that the presence of electro-chemically inert carbon on the machined surface reduces metal dissolution reaction and result in another reaction.

Suggestions for the application of metal removal as a metal working technique were proposed by W. Hast alloy, Heynes alloy. A Platinum wire inserted in nozzle acts as cathode while work piece is made anode. Electro stream drilling ESD was found to be a potential process for drilling micro holes in these materials.


At higher voltages the hole drilled in I IS. Sreejith et al [3] reported experimental findings concerning the effects of pro- cess parameters on the profile of a spike obtained during electro-chemical drilling of a blind hole in HSS workpiece.

According to the plan 13 experiments are conducted. Most of the industrial applications involve hole making in these mate- rials.

Tool bits with insulated sides and low operating voltages lead to e,ectrostream zero over cut. Additionally, there is some obstruction to the coolant flow since the chip direction is opposite to the direction of drill penetration.

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As these metals possesses good acid resistant properties and good electrical conductivity. Chamber is provided with a slope at the top to drop down the sprinkled liq- uid electrolyte to the bottom. But drilling deep, small holes with salt electrolytes produces a large volume of sludge, which tends to clog the flow of electrolyte. The pump selected xrilling ESD has the following specifications, Head: