ELEKTOR ELECTRONtCS JANUARY THE COMPLETE PREAMPLIFIER (I) mK1 (Record selec!) Cireui! diagram 01!he busboardELEKTOR ELECTRONICS JANUARY .. Audio dSP for diY applications – Home | Elektor elektor 49 Review: Elektor (febrero )Devices & Hardware. Revista Española Elektor 8 (Enero ) by elmar_quiceno. Elmar Duque Quiceno · Elektor 9 (Febrero ).pdf. Uploaded by. Elmar Duque Quiceno · Elektor 3. Uploaded by. Elmar Duque UControl 08 (Año 3-En ).pdf. Uploaded by. Infra-red becomes betterunderstoodIn , the Austrian physicist JosefGENERALINTEREST14 Elektor Electronics /Light that.

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This transistor cur-rent leaves the IC via the output to which RL is connected. The amplifier can be powered from a stabilised, symmetricalsupply with a voltage between 12 V and 15 V.

Free Elektor magazine April 2010

This is due to the fact that the anti-collision is only possible with proper hardware support reader IC. Some ofthese extra lines work as inputs and others as outputs, buteach of them except RXD may be controlled through a bit inthe UART register as shown in Table 2.

The circuit operates asan integrator with a capacitor in its negative feedback path. These ‘ – should preferably beMKP types, but at these values they are fairly expensive.

copyright Elektor. copyright Elektor. 2 2 2 – [PDF Document]

These switches are fitted with extension spindles toenable them to be controlled from the front panel. Use as input requiresthat the port is made logic high via the software. Conversely,when this line is at 12V, the same transistor will be cut off.

Ffebrero greater the voltagedrop, the poorer the capacitor. The last output, Q9, is used to halt the counter. The circuit board layout has a double row of contactsto allow various division factors to be selected, in order tomake the circuit universal. This ensures that a NiCd cell is discharged not to 0.

The mountingholes of the circuit board have the same separation as themounting holes for a pin sub-D connector.


Using the conventional approach, the firmware would have to be updated for every new iteration. Since all communication is based on the master-slave principle, overwriting the command data presents no problems.

This is a majoradvantage with compact power supplies in particular, sinceit sometimes makes forced-air cooling unnecessary. The circuitsThe blocks of diagram Fig.

In addition, the book is an indispensible guide for any user who wants to conceptualize, design and optimize RFID systems, and offers the crucial assistance required for the often complex problems inherent in RFID system design. In audio technology, completely dif-ferent rules apply.

The supplyvoltage may lie between 9 and 30 V. The production sequence is basically as follows: Theopamp chosen for this stage is a very-low-noise Type LTI So, although we speak of a 7-byte UID double sizea total of 8 bytes is transferred between card and reader.

This small, clever circuit can be used as analarm generator that reacts to noises. Another area of infra-red technol-ogy with military applications isinfra-red photography, which is usedto detect camouflage, of both per-sonnel and equipment, which it cando in fog and haze, the sort of condi-tions that not only scatters visiblelight, but are also all too common ona battlefield.

Aheatsink that becomes hotter than this must be protectedagainst being touched. The schematicshows the connections between the two single opamps andthe pin locations of the dual package. Since the terminals strips are posi-tioned next to another, they must bemounted back-to-back.

Elektor – Octubre Febrer. A in a TO package, for example,has a value of 4, while a 2N in a T03 package has a valueof 1. In this case, two dual opamps are combined to make one newquad opamp. The DESFire cards documentation is not publicly available; before downloading the documentation, a non-disclosure agree-ment has to be signed and sent to NXP. When the port is high, it may be used to register logic levels atthe port connection. Likewise, I2 generatesa febreor. Therefore, it may be more sensible to use fenrero cards in situations where systems are dependent on an infrastructure of existing readers, or in situations where either the advantages of contactless technology are not epektor or the number of readers com-pared with the number of cards in use is very high and so extremely low-cost readers are required.


Itslocation at the summit of MaunaKea on Hawaii, which peaks at14, feet or over 4, metres iscrucial, for atmospheric watervapour is a powerful absorber ofinfra-red radiation. One of the reasons for contactless technologys success is the cards ease of use and convenience. The trimmer is forthe calibration purists; a 33 pF capacitor will usually providesufficient accuracy.

First an RSTpulse is generated to reset the counter.

DVD Elektor through – Elektor

The circuit works very simply. Thissituation is illustrated in Figure 2. A value of 5 k gives 1,10 k gives 2, 15 200 gives 3 and so on.

Before we discuss the construc-tion of the circuit boards, a fewwords about the enclosure are inorder.

Thischange in the battery voltage isdetected by a comparator circuitbuilt around IC1. The circuit does not need much explanation. A small sample program that causes a LED to blink gives animpression of the language: The same considerations as for Elekor apply, but in this position it is even more im- portant to have a type with a low offset volt- age, becauseall deviationsbetween input and output are amplified.

The source and record selecrorswitches are housed on a busboard, togetherwith the input and output connecrcrs.

If you omit the secret switch, thealarm is armed by the ignitionswitch itself. The input of the preamplifier for the dy-narnic pick-up is entirely nc-coupled 10 ob-viate any degradarion of the signal by cou-pling capacitors.

In this case, you will have to use a dualpotentiometer for P2.