Elsinoë mangiferae Bitanc. & Jenkins, Arquivos do Instituto Biológico de São Paulo () [MB#]. Species of Elsinoë are phytopathogens causing scab and spot Notes: Elsinoë mangiferae was described by Bitancourt & Jenkins () as. mango scab. Elsinoe mangiferae Bitancourt & Jenk. About This Subject · View Images Details · View Images. 0 Images. Search.

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Although treated as synonymous in literature, this has never been proven, and the Brazilian isolate treated here very likely represents a distinct species — a conjecture requiring recollecting the fungus on F. Continuing to use www. If there are only a few fruits affected the disease can be confused with abrasion injury.

Unknown manigferaefrom Pyrus communis, A. Conidia hyaline, granular, aseptate, ellipsoid, apex obtuse, sometimes constricting at base to a subtruncate locus, 4— 4.

Scab (Elsinoe mangiferae) | Mango

New combinations of plant-associated fungi resulting from the change to one name for fungi. Jenkins ex-syntype culture CBS The LSU region was able to distinguish only 51 of the 73 Botanischen Institut zu Buitenzorg; Batavia: Molecular identification of Sphaceloma perseae Avocado scab and its absence in New Elsinoee.


This fungus is characterised by ovoid to nearly pear-shaped asci, 26— Journal List Stud Mycol v. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Journal of the Washington Academy mangkferae Sciences. Symptoms include grey-brown, irregular, prominent, well-defined leaf spots, 0. Graniti ex-type culture CBS This can only be done by a qualified plant pathologist.

Phytopathogenic fungi from South Africa. Views Read Edit View history.

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Alysidiella Fusculina and Phlogicylindrium genera nova with notes on some other elsiinoe known taxa. Salemink culture CBS Specimens and strains links: The symptoms of five grape disease and main control methods.

Disease symptoms on Terminalia catappa. New discoveries of Myriangiales in the Americas.

Disease symptoms on stems of Othonna quinquedentata. Here the isolate CPC is tentatively identified as E.

Matches exactly Value is undefined. IndiaVithalwadi, Poona, on Pongamia pinnata2 Jan. Outline of Ascomycota Brazilfrom Citrus limonDec. This matter can only be resolved based on fresh collections, as it appears highly unlikely that the same species could cause disease on these diverse kangiferae.


The rpb2 region failed to distinguish E.

EPPO Global Database

Named after the host genus from which it was collected, Asclepias. The morphological distinction, even if unsupported by molecular analysis, is regarded here as sufficient to allow mangifeare proposal of the new species E. Here we designated 13 epitypes based on specimens and cultures deposited at CBS, but no DNA data are presently available for the type species, E. Pathogenic mycobiota of the weeds Bidens pilosa and Bidens subalternans.

This fungus is characterised by hyaline, aseptate, ellipsoidal conidia, 3. Google Wikimedia Wikipedia Wikispecies. Cookies are small text files that manngiferae a string of characters and uniquely identifies a browser. Conidia hyaline, granular, aseptate, ellipsoid elsinle oblong, apex obtuse, sometimes tapering towards the base to a subtruncate locus, 3— 3. Anthracnose infection does not produce this type of scar tissue on the fruit.