The charming, slyly comic novel of romantic longing and transformation that inspired the Oscar-nominated film Four very different women, looking. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Four Englishwomen vacation together at an Italian castle in von Arnim’s novel, a film version of which is now a . The Enchanted April [Elizabeth Von Arnim] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Four Englishwomen, strangers to each other, rent a villa for a.

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Each woman knows that something in their life goes wrong, but until they decided to go to Italy, none of them wanted to think about it: Kristen tells me that I should kite surf when I get like that.

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim

You might also like: The charm is worked on Mrs. Of course, the castle, the view on the “Oh, but in a bitter wind to have elkzabeth on and know there never will be anything on and you going to get colder and colder till at last you die of it—that’s what it was like, living with somebody who didn’t love one. That month being April of course. Having come for Rose Arbuthnot, whom he thought to be a widow, he enchanyed transfers his affections to Lady Caroline once he laid eyes on her supernatural prettiness.

I turned tail and ran. I could only see the advertisement for the wisteria It didn’t take much.

The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim | : Books

I needed to do it. Cousin of Katherine Mansfield and lover of H.

I was dying to know how it ended, while at the same time never wanting it to end, not wanting to leave the gorgeous castle in Italy enchanyed the spring.

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Color me stupid if I’m wrong.

The Enchanted April

This was just a book where the important message was to be selfish, to allow yourself to get back to the things that are always the most important, that of your love for each other.

The characters, particularly the four women, became real, and I grew to like them all.

Yes, it does sound oh so maudlin, but this sweet, kind book is just what I needed. This is a beautifully written novel. Von Arnim had the book published inand today it merits inclusion in Erica Bauermeister’s book Great Books by Women. The couple had five wnchanted, four daughters and a son. In the scorching Texas heat, which has already begun its brutal descent, cucumber lemon water has been extremely refreshing and invigorating—a definite heat repellant.

Briggs’ terrible near-sightedness is not in the book, but I thought it was a great addition in the movie. Nothing it did could be bad.

This is gentle, peaceful, inspiring literature; it is not the most powerful or impressive prose I have ever read, and neither is it action packed, but it delighted me, charmed me, amused me, and gave me the chance to leave London for a precious hour or so every day, even if I had only e,izabeth in my imagination.

Please combine editions 4 22 Jan 04, Later, the women ask Lady Caroline Dester and a Mrs Fisher to join them as well, making the pair into a foursome, and, more importantly, making the castle rental into an affordable getaway. Each lady is vaguely unsatisfied with their lot and Mrs Wilkins and Mrs Arbuthnot both have marriages of quiet English unhappiness, but that is about to change as both husbands are invited to come and stay, and it’s this holiday reunion that sparks a deeper love, not just for the wives and husbands, but something is opened up in all elizabeh them.


Jun 15, Rowena rated it it was amazing Shelves: About Elizabeth von Arnim. Mrs Arbuthnot and Mrs Wilkins, who belong to the same ladies’ club but have never spoken, become acquainted after reading a newspaper advertisement for a small medieval castle on the Mediterranean to be let furnished for the month of April.

This novel is so delightful that I was ready to book a flight to Italy for next spring. I think there’s a lot to be said for that bit of land. Maybe it has to do with echoes of your own mistakes haunting you.

Four British women, all strangers and unique to each other, let a castle high up on the Italian Riviera in April gon escape the dismal London weather. What road to be choosing? It makes the ladies realize that their lives enchhanted that four letter word and how they do find it is the glory of the novel. I fell completely in love with Lotty. I read The Enchanted April this April and found it exquisite.

I feel the audio narration really enhanced this book.