Seminarium | Mapa drogowa ciepłownictwa w Polsce Konferencja | Polska energetyka | 4 scenariusze | Ekonomiczne, społeczne i. energetyczna mapa drogowa pdf editor. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for energetyczna mapa drogowa pdf editor. W piątek Polska znowu zawetowała plany dalszej redukcji emisji CO2 w UE po r., teraz w energetyce. Komentując weto wicepremier.

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Poland is looking for a way towards a closed-loop economy – energianews

While in the s of the 20 th century we extracted about 20 billion tonnes of natural resources per year, at the beginning of this decade we already extracted billion tonnes.

An increase in the global population will double the current quantities in Industry, among others, should be involved in the process of restoring them for re-use. In Poland, there is still no indication of the direction which industry is to follow on its way to a closed-loop economy hereinafter referred to as circular economy.

Such a road map is to be outlined in a document prepared jointly with other ministries by the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology MPiT.

energetyczna mapa drogowa 2050 pdf editor

Its last version was published in January. According to engineer Tomasz Szczygielski, PhD from the Institute of Applied Research of the Warsaw University of Technology, the January version of the document aptly outlines the areas and diagnoses the problems that need to be addressed. However, we lack the necessary instruments. It turns out that not all business guidelines were included in the document. In the case of JSW — as explained by Ewa Wojakowska, the main specialist of the environmental protection ,apa in the energetycznx — on the one hand, the postulate to create a catalogue of anthropogenic raw materials and a list of companies which have a demand for them was partially taken into account, the use of aggregates, e.

There was no analysis of the post-mining areas in the context of restoring their original value after revitalization and recultivation. Irena Pichola, partner from Deloitte Advisory and leader of the sustainable development team, would like to see concrete projects in the roadmap, the effects of which can then be measured.

She sets Finland as an example, which wants to be the leader in the implementation of circular economy. Deloitte will prepare a report on circular economy in Poland for the climate summit in Katowice COP It will indicate the areas on which the state and entities operating on the Vistula should focus. It may take years to implement tasks from different areas signalled in snergetyczna roadmap. The key to success is the cooperation between business representatives, public administration and consumers.


The industry is doing well.

energetyczna mapa drogowa pdf editor – PDF Files

This is due to the value of aluminium, for which you receive a small remuneration about 5 groszy per can. But not everyone can boast of successes. Veolia intends to increase the recycling of PET packaging worldwide. The strategy of the Polish company is to further develop its activities in the industrial waste sector. The company is already recovering fly ash and slag from hard coal incineration and co-incineration with biomass, recycling of construction waste and aggregates used to produce concrete mixes.

Experts are convinced that others will also meet the requirements and goals of circular economy if they can base their business plans on a stable legislative ecosystem. In her opinion, the extended producer responsibility system is not effective in our country and needs to be adapted to EU directives. The Ministry of the Environment undertakes to present such a base by January Although she admits that the creation of a framework for the development of circular economy is not yet complete, the guidelines are already taken into account in the National Waste Management Plan or in the Act on waste.

The roadmap will only strengthen this direction. Gosk argues that the regulations already allow entrepreneurs to use various tools to obtain raw materials rrogowa the market. For example, breweries use a deposit system for reusable bottles. The Ministry of the Environment analyses both versions of the deposit system, as well as the differentiation of the product fee. It is also important to apply a hierarchy of waste management methods with an emphasis on prevention and recycling.

Incineration is not only a last resort, but also an alternative to landfill. To put it shortly, priority should be given to the reuse of the product, i. While mpaa industry is prepared for the challenges posed by circular economy, potential users of raw materials are not always willing to use them. Wojakowska from JSW admits that the use of aggregates produced with the approval of the building industry was high aroundwhen we energetuczna building roads for Euro Now, energetyzcna have fallen.

Therefore, she considers it justified to introduce such an element into the legislation.

Veolia, on the other hand, sees great potential in the recovery of polypropylene and polyethylene for the production of liquid hydrocarbons in depolymerisation processes. However, there is no shortage of positive examples. And without legislative coercion. The Polish Crop Protection Association PSOR set up a comprehensive system for the collection of plant protection product packaging as early as 14 years ago.

The starting point was a chain of about 4, agricultural shops that sell pesticides.


Enrgetyczna task was to motivate them and make this obligation easier for them. Farmers would not return these packages if they had to bear additional costs. Today, the collection reaches about 50 percent, of which more than 80 percent of the packaging is recycled and reclaimed for energy.

Plant protection product packaging is used to build casing pipes for fibre optics. Not only companies, but also municipalities see the potential of circular economy. The aim is to develop good practices in the field of circular economy.

Such eco-cities already exist e. Our local self-governments, which are in charge of waste management, have decided to take on this challenge due to, among other things, smog.

After all, in many places waste disappears in domestic furnaces and we all inhale harmful substances from waste combustion. However, out of 12 million tonnes of municipal waste generated in Poland, approx. Veolia wants to generate heat erogowa this waste in enegretyczna heat plants operating for the needs of local networks.

The MPIT representative noted that the roadmap should not be too detailed in order to cover all the elements of circular economy. This will be the domain of individual activities undertaken within the framework of circular economy.

However, a few elements will be taken into account after consultations.

It concerns ampa transposition of activities related to the provisions on extended producer responsibility, financing of circular economy in the field of research and development within the National Intelligent Specialisation in circular economy from the combination of waste, raw materials and water specialisation. The Ministry of Science and Technology also wants to count the effects of the implementation of circular economy, i.

Gospodarka o obiegu zamknietym w Polsce — na ile mapa drogowa odpowiada na wyzwania? This, what is treated as waste today, must be reused tomorrow.

Poland is looking for a way towards a closed-loop economy

Business awaits a road map In Poland, there is still no indication of the direction which industry is to follow on its way to a closed-loop economy hereinafter referred to as circular economy. Polska nie ma planu dywersyfikacji dostaw gazu RP. 20050 – MP Sztuka. Fnergetyczna – Rynek pracy. PL – lat polskiej gospodarki. Urszula Lesman – 7 grudnia Iwona Trusewicz – 18 lutego Tomasz Furman – 27 marca Iwona Trusewicz – 27 czerwca Danuta Walewska – 14 kwietnia Iwona Trusewicz – 25 kwietnia