The ENSONIQ serial number label must appear on the outside of the Unit or tho ENSONIQ warranty is void. •ENSONIQ, ESQ 1, Mirage and MASOS are. Ensoniq ESQ-1 () Synthesizer 61 keys: 8 voices, short spectral PCM wavetable and analog filters. Listen to audio demos manual, demo, video, comments. As with every ENSONIQ product, all ESQ-1 service will be handled through the ENSONIQ The ESQ-1 Service manual is divided into four different sections and .

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End OR, If you begin playing here.

They are good for adding controlled harmonics to a sound, or for combining to achieve various timbres. The Sequencer The built-in Sequencer can record and play back notes expandable to 10, with the optional Sequencer Expander Cartridge.

The system will occasionally lock up after loading data ensoni MIDI. Some are other Waves with some harmonics pulled out; some were built “from scratch” to contain only certain harmonics. Midi information on all other channels will be ignored. Use this Page to: This puts the Sequencer into Record, and the Bar Count begins.

You should assign each Track to a different Channel. A multisampled Vocal wave, saying “Ah”. For use with an external control voltage, use a 2-conductor cable with the voltage on the tip and the sleeve maanual. The first step in recording a new Sequence is to Create, or define, a Sequence in one of the empty Sequence Locations. The Program you selected for the Track from the Tracks Select Page and the Program number selected here are linked to each other — changing either one will cause the other to change.


If you rewind the tape to a different place and start it playing again, the ESQ 1 will start from wherever it last stopped – things will definitely get out of sync.

With different Programs it can sound like different Reed Instruments. If the Verify is unsuccessful, you will get one of the following messages: This will Transpose Sequence 06 up a Fifth seven semitones during this Step.

ENSONIQ ESQ-1 Musician’s Manual

If location 30 already contains a Sequence, the new Sequence will be put in Location Release the Bank Select Button. Any Envelope can be routed anywhere you want it to go except to DCA 4and some Programs will call for different applications. The other device must be set for Tape Sync. Then use the Volume Control to set the Synthesizer volume to the proper level relative to the Click. When the Sequencer is Stop ped: Key Pressure also called Polyphonic Pressure only modulates the note that is pressed – all others esq1- unmodulated.

Full text of “Ensoniq: esq 1 musicians manual”

If this is the length of the Sequence, Seq. The packet will contain the number of bytes specified in the one sequence alert packet see section 2. To keep everything playing together, you must start the Tape from the beginning each time. The three options are: Already have an account? In the case of the Sampled Waveforms especially, you should neither take enaoniq too literally, nor let yourself be limited by those Names.

DCA’s 1, 2, and 3 have been set up so that it is possible to get full volume from just one Oscillator This means, however, that it is possible to clip overload the output stage when al, three Oscillators are at full level.


This Page is also used to Rename the Program with the name of your choice. If one of the values is wrong, or it you just decide you want something different, simply select it, and change it. Or you can apply the Keyboard KYBD 2 as a Modulator ssq-1 make the low keys play on the left side, the middle keys in the middle, and the high keys on the right side of the stereo mix A Sequence Location with no dot as in SEQ in the illustration above means that nothing has yet been recorded there.


The old Step 4 is now Step 5. It will replace the original Track there. The Square Wave has a hollow sound, and is also the basis for many classic synth sounds.

An Electric Piano without the “ping.

The Display always tells you which is Playing underline and which is selected to play next flashing underline. This Page provides valuable Sequencer information as well as control over Tempo and Auto-Locate functions. You cannot Record a Track with the Edit Program. While holding down the Record Button, press the top-left 1 Soft Button.

This is the Program Select Page for Bank 1. The rest ot the Tracks will automatically have the same length. Choose from analog, digital, or samples or any combo since there are three independent oscillators per voice! Its best range is OCT-