The ERG Theory of Clayton P. Alderfer is a model that appeared in in a Psychological Review article entitled “An Empirical Test of a New Theory of Human. Alderfer’s ERG Theory is the extension of Maslow’s Needs hierarchy, wherein An American psychologist Clayton Paul Alderfer had proposed this theory and. Taking a theory as well-known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and reinventing it is a bold move, but that’s exactly what Clayton Alderfer did.

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ERG theory by Clayton Alderfer, a great motivation theory | ToolsHero

Existence – salary, job security Relatedness – friendships, relationships, common goals, recognition in the social network Growth – self-fulfillment at work and professional growth What is the Theory of Motivation for in practice? First is monetary benefits related with ….

Activity Log December 29, However, there is a consensus for the general concept proposed by the need theorists, where human behaviors are motivated by the desire to fulfill a human need. Training Training offerings Bespoke training Assessment Behavioural assessment.

Alderfer’s Theory of Motivation

Firstly, his revised model cuts back to just three levels of need: This identifies five levels of motivational needs, beginning with basic requirements warmth, safety and progressing to self-actualisation the desire to become the best versions of ourselves.


According to ERG, focusing exclusively on one need at a time will not effectively motivate. We put aldetfer lot of effort in creating these pages, and offering you content that you can use. At the highest level, we seek to grow, be creative for ourselves and for our environment.

ERG theory

But what does […] Read the story. From this level people can climb to a higher level again. This categorization reduction is the result of earlier research on Maslow Hierarchy of Needs that indicates some overlap within the middle levels. Even though the priority of these needs differ from person to person, Alberger’s ERG theory prioritises in terms of the categories’ concreteness.

Going beyond the issues that were of concern to Maslow, Alderfer set forth a number of propositions that dealt with the effect of desires on satisfactions [3]:.

It would take a major theoretical, or research, breakthrough to revive it. I understand and accept the privacy policy. Therefore, the necessary order as proposed by Abraham Maslow no longer applies.

Financial incentives may satisfy the need for growth, and for recognition by others. There have been at least 23 articles that have taken the theory, analysed and developed it, and most commentators reach positive conclusions.

Leave me a comment in the box below. For instance, if you come to work with a cold, you will be more concerned about your environment and bodily comfort that day than usual. View our Privacy Policy and Legal Notices.


ERG Theory3. These ERG categories are: The insurance company rated well for encouraging autonomy, staff interaction, office space and friendly management. Find the relative state of the other person’s needs for each of existence, relatedness and growth. Alderfer categorized the lower order needs Physiological and Safety into the Existence category. Employee Engagement Alan Sax: Share your thoughts Sharing your motivating thoughts or your motivational tips will benefit every leader. Coaching Life coaching Team claytln Coaching program Coaching tools.


By creating a space of understanding and expression, employees may contribute to your latest innovative ideas. For example, a chatty and disengaged-seeming employee who is frustrated by their lack of growth, may be channelling their alderfsr into gaining self-esteem from colleagues Relatedness. Relatedness Needs Encompass social and external esteem; relationships with significant others like family, friends, co-workers and employers. They will fully devote themselves to establishing their relationships with people in their environment.

And the big paperback book.

ERG theory – Wikipedia

To enter the discussion you must be signed in Sign in. In this case, how can organisations prioritise the different needs? Alderfer’s ERG theory from condenses Maslow’s five human needs into three categories: