El test de Snellen és una prova dissenyada per avaluar l’agudesa visual. Rep el nom en honor de l’oftalmòleg holandès Herman Snellen qui va dissenyar la. Table: Different notations of visual acuity values as decimal values, Snellen fractions, MAR and LogMAR. Decimal. Snellen fractions. MAR. LogMAR. 6m 5m. 4m.

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Faivre, 63 – Apto. The computerized method is practical, portable, adjustable for different distances, and maintains optotypes proportionality ratio based on visual angle and approaches the theoretical values recommended by Herman Snellen in Using a tape measure and a caliper, measurement of the distance was obtained from the sitting patients’ eye to VA optotypes projection on the wall. All had differences in comparison to the gold standard.

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It was not surprising that no clinic presented an exact angle of 5 arch minutes. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Visual acuity and its measurement. It can be concluded that there is a great heterogeneity in the evaluation of VA in different Ophthalmology centers. Ophthalmol Clin North Am.


Snellen visual acuity evaluation

Comparison of visual acuity in macular degeneration patients measured with Snellen and early treatment diabetic retinopathy study charts. At the same time, measurement of the size of the letters of 4 lines of the VA projection on the wall was performed.

Rua Casa do Ator, – cj. Descriptive study including 15 Ophthalmology clinics and a computerized method to measure the VA.

Kniestedt C, Stamper RL. Services on Demand Journal. To analyze the results, it was opted to compare the angles presented by each clinic for each measurement. Visual acuity; Vision; Diagnostic techniques, ophthalmological.

Test de Snellen – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Also, the same patient, evaluated in different clinics, can obtain different VA measurements. In relation to the other clinics, the superiority of the computerized method is very relevant.

Desde Snellen, poucas melhorias na medida da acuidade visual foram feitas. How to cite this article. Comparing clinics results with computerized method, we observed that only 2 clinics obtained better results if compared with the angles obtained from optotypes projection, but the data is very similar and with no statistical significance. To evaluate the visual acuity VA measurement by Snellen chart at three main Ophthalmology centers in Curitiba, compare these measurements with a computerized method for calibrating VA and also with the standard theory developed by Hermann Snellen.


Coletivamente dividimos os 3 centros de oftalmologia para entendermos como eles se comportavam em grupos. Individually, comparing computerized method to standard Snellen theory, it was observed that a condition very close to the ideal was obtained, in other words, results very similar to 5 arch minutes were noted in all the visual acuities analyzed.

O que pode ser entendido como uma AV superestimada.

Test de Snellen

A computerized method of visual acuity testing: Fernando Klein Rua Dr. Snellen visual acuity evaluation.

Estandardizou-se uma tabela com cinco letras em cada fileira iguais ao tamanho da letra.