Tropical sprue (TS) is a syndrome characterized by acute or chronic diarrhea, weight loss, and malabsorption of nutrients. It occurs in residents. Tropical Sprue; Kwashiorkor. Sprue, both tropical and nontropical, has been a subject of great interest to the medical community ever Sp: Esprue tropical. Tropical sprue is a chronic diarrheal disease, possibly of infectious origin, that involves the small intestine and is characterized by.

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Clonal proliferation may occur secondary to chronic or recurrent infections of the intestine in childhood. Aetiology The aetiology esptue tropical sprue remains unknown. That’s why we love them. With proper treatment, the outlook for tropical sprue is very positive.

Malabsorption can be treated by an oral dose of a pancreatic enzyme preparation such as Creon with every meal.

Tropical malabsorption

Water and electrolyte absorption by the colon in tropical sprue. This is because tetracycline can discolor teeth that are still forming. Benefits, Uses and Recipe Water kefir is a beverage favored for its fizzy flavor and probiotic content.

BMJ 2 — Gut 54 — Regarding the definition of tropical sprue. Colonic malabsorption of water and electrolytes contributes considerably to diarrhoea in patients with sprue, and may result from the action of unabsorbed bile acids and free unsaturated fatty acids.

Gut 32 — Initially thought to be confined to visitors to the tropics, it became apparent in the early 20th century that indigenous residents of the tropics were afflicted with similar illnesses. Epidemics in southern India have occurred. Night blindness, corneal xerosis, Bitot’s spots. Trop Gastroenterol 22 — Food is food, right? Reports of tropical sprue have become infrequent in the literature, and the diagnosis is often not considered either clinically or pathologically.


Indian J Gastroenterol 24 23— Infection with this protozoan is common in the tropics and is often a cause of diarrhoeal illness in visitors to the tropics. The cohort comprised 6 men and 6 women with a median age of 59 years range, 38 to 78 y with a history of residence or visitation in South Asia or Papua New Guinea. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Primary immunodeficiency presenting with gastrointestinal disease in the tropics.

Tropical malabsorption

Specific deficiencies of vitamins A and D and the B complex vitamins may be treated with either parenteral or oral supplements.

This disease, subsequently known as tropical sprue, was soon recognized in established European communities in India, Ceylon and the Dutch East Indies as well. J Gastroenterol Hepatol 9 — Infect Immun 72 — Braz J Infect Dis 7 16— According to the Postgraduate Medical Journalmost people show good outcomes after three to six months of treatment. J Gastroenterol Hepatol 18 — Other broad-spectrum antibiotics may also be prescribed, including:.

Am J Gastroenterol — Clubbing of the fingers is characteristic and abdominal masses may be palpated on physical examination. In this study, 10 of 13 patients with sprue had aerobic bacteria in the small intestine in larger numbers median 3.

The aetiology of tropical sprue remains unknown. Crohn’s disease Crohn’s disease is increasingly being diagnosed in tropical countries, 535455 and is an important differential diagnosis for tuberculosis. Primary immunodeficiency syndromes Common variable immunodeficiency occurs sporadically in residents trropical the tropics, and may present primarily as a malabsorption syndrome.


This can cause a number of different symptoms. Why It Happens and How to Prevent It Since the introduction of the first tropicaal control pill inwomen have come to rely on the pill as an effective way to prevent pregnancy.

Am J Clin Nutr 21 — Endoscopically, tropical sprue may resemble coeliac disease, with scalloping of the duodenal mucosa. Diagnosis of tropical sprue can be complicated because many diseases have similar symptoms. Malabsorbed nutrients with osmotic diarrhoea; colonic water secretion due to unabsorbed fatty acids. Do You Live with Anxiety?

Complete recovery is the rule in the returned traveller. Tropical sprue is a malabsorption disease commonly found in tropical regions, marked with abnormal flattening of the villi and inflammation of the lining of the small intestine.

Gut 24 — Curr Gastroenterol Rep ; 7: Assessment of early and delayed responses in vitamin B12 absorption during antibiotic therapy in tropical malabsorption. The condition can lead to growth failure and problems with bone maturation in children. It is associated with a macrocytic anemia and megaloblastic bone marrow, and with histological and radiological changes in the small bowel.

Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol 19 — Nutrition in Crohn’s disease. All content is strictly informational and should not be considered medical advice.