ESTUDIO WHI, REVISTA DE MENOPAUSIA, SALUD, REVISTAS MÉDICAS. Actualidad Inmediata Debido a la importancia de esta investigación y al impacto en. WHI. Progestin. Estrogen. Tibolone. Cardiovascular disease. Tromboembolic disease . Boletín de la Asociación Española para el Estudio de la Menopausia, . Los trastornos de la menopausia pueden ser evitados y combatidos Sin embargo, recientes estudios, como el estudio WHI, han puesto en duda los beneficios.

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Breast and uterine effects of soy isoflavones and conjugated estrogens in postmenopausal female monkeys. Phytochemistry, 65pp.

The important issue after all is not the improperly named hormone replacement therapy [ 10 ]. Which clinical studies provide the best evidence?


More recent epidemiological studies continue to supply evidence that long-term postmenopausal hormone therapy may reduce the meno;ausia for CAD in healthy women. Van der Schow, P. WHI does not introduce new rules to good clinical practice. WHIMS-Y provided an unprecedented chance to examine the hypothesis that HT may have protective effects on cognition in younger postmenopausal women aged 50—54 years.

Maturitas, 45pp.

Amer J Clin Nutr, 78pp. Editorial JAMA ; 3: It demonstrates a post-factum change in perceptions about the potential effects of HT on cognitive brain function and brain aging. In addition, menopuasia telephone-administered cognitive battery showed adequate construct validity. High dietary phytoestrogen intake is associated with higher bone mineral density in postmenopausal but non premenopausal women.

For instance, in the HERS Study it is difficult to explain why hormone therapy would increase the risk of coronary events in women with less than 3 live births and in those living alone!


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The special edition of Climacteric dedicated to the WHI study perspectives a decade after the first publication of WHI data in included a comprehensive overview by Maki and Henderson on HT, dementia and cognition [7]. Phytoestrogens supplements for the treatment of hot flashes: It must be emphasized that the WHI report stresses that the results do not necessarily apply to lower dosages of those drugs, to other formulations of oral estrogen and progestin or to estrogens and progestins administered through the transdermal route [ 1 ].

Background Placebo controlled randomised clinical trials are considered to be the gold standards to assess the real risks and benefits of chronic treatments. The WHI decision to stop the estrogen progestin arm does not necessarily change a wise clinician’s decision as to the best clinical care of a postmenopausal woman.

National Institutes of Health, However, we all have learnt now to be ever more cautious in discussing risks and benefits of estrogen and estuddio treatment.

Comments The results reported in clinical trials are sometimes difficult to interpret.

A review of the clinical effects of phytoestrogens. In a re-analysis of HERS follow-up during 6. J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 87pp. Those data describe increased risk of an entire population, not the increased risk for individual women [ 3 ].

menopausiz Preventing a esyudio from the benefits of a sound postmenopausal hormone therapy because of the fear of rare side effects does not seem to be satisfactory Medicine Principal results from the Women’s Health Initiative controlled randomized trial. Recommend the use of any HRT to women with climacteric symptoms likely to impact on quality of life and to re-emphasize that topical use of low dose vaginal estrogens can be used by any woman carrying an indication for such therapy.


Recent estueio and breast cancer risk: Ipriflavone Multicenter European Fracture Study. Thus this fixed excessive dose for older women does not necessarily reflect optimal good clinical practice and is not followed by any responsible gynaecologist.

Menopause, 6pp. Indeed, the study demonstrated a significant smaller coronary calcium score a lower calcified-plaque burden in wni who used estrogen during the WHI trial as compared to those who were allocated to the placebo arm [8]. In addition, estrogen plus progestin therapy did not prevent mild cognitive impairment in these women.

The effects of soy protein containing phytoestrogens on menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women.


Hum Reprod, 16pp. The authors raised two important questions that need attention. Cancer Causes Control, 13pp. Is there a menopausal medicine? Soy intake and the maintenance of peak bone mass in Hong Kong Chinese women.