The CyberScan PCD offers measuring ranges of up to 3 concurrent measurement parameters all in one handheld, distributed by RS Hydro. Eutech CyberScan PCD >> Eutech CyberScan PC & PD >> 06 CyberScan PCD is our top-of-the-line waterproof handheld. Measure pH. A Eutech Star Buy! Combining the strengths of all CyberScan series meters, the intuitive CyberScan PCD is our top-of-the-line waterproof handheld.

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A Eutech Star Buy! Combining the strengths of all CyberScan series meters, the CyberScan PCD is our top-of-the-line waterproof handheld that enables concurrent measurement of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature, all at the same time. Recorded readings individually stamped with time and date in GLP compliant format.

CyberScan PCD 650

Auto-logging meter saves readings automatically within seconds to prevent data loss. HI-LO limit alarm for easy quality control — Meter alerts when readings fall outside selected ranges. No wires, no cables—Transfer data from meter to computer with the press of a button. Non-Volatile Memory protects information and meter settings, even when batteries run out. Four Levels of Password Ocd prevents tampering or accidental data deletion.


Test water quality, monitor health of aquatic ecosystems, survey surface and ground water drinking supplies, and meet EPA regulations. For analyzing water ppcd water, untreated water, drinking water, effluent water, pool water and incoming process water. Ideal for all types of quality assurance and water quality testing.

Multiparameter Eutech Instrument – CyberScan PCD

For checking metal finishing, cooling tower water, printing fountain solutions, boiler water, brines, rinse tanks, ponds, pollution control, recirculating systems, waste water and industrial process systems. Useful for food analysis and quality assurance testing.

Use to monitor oxygen levels 560 catfish and shrimp farming; game stocking ponds; ornamental fish tanks and ponds; and other fish farming applications. Multi-data Back-lit dot matrix; 7.

Eutech Instruments :: Products :: By Parameter

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. Eutech Instruments Pte Ltd. Powered by Xirlynx Innovations. Simultaneously measures and displays four parameters. Ion-measurement capabilities with 3-digit resolution. Selectable multi-point calibration for more accurate conductivity measurements or single-point calibration for quick, convenient calibration with no mistakes.

  1321 3R55 B PDF

Salinity, Temperature and Pressure Compensation—accurate readings under varying conditions. No warm up time required with galvanic system of measurement. One-Glance-Tells-All Screen Display with Backlight Electrode status report, calibration data and simultaneous display of up to 4 parameters.

Rugged and IPrated waterproof for applications in harsh environments. Meter floats on water! Easy-to-understand prompt messages for easy set-up, calibration and trouble-shooting.

No more out-dated calibration settings. Automatic correction with built-in sensor.

General purpose plastic-body double junction gel-filled pH combination electrode, 12 X 90mm, BNC connector, 3m cable. Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen electrode, ATC, ft cable with assembled membrane cap housing, refilling electrolyte and souring pad. Dot-matrix, paper-roll portable printer with pin female connector. Adpater for RS Communication Cable: RS LED interface adaptor.