The Post-American World is a non-fiction book by American journalist Fareed Zakaria. It was published in hardcover and audiobook formats in early May and became available in paperback in early May ; the Updated and Expanded Release followed in Release Fareed Zakaria (Author) Fareed Zakaria’s international bestseller The Post-American World pointed to the “rise of the rest”—the growth of. Zakaria, the host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS and an editor at large for Time The Post-American World: Release by Fareed Zakaria.

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Jun 17, Matthew rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Zakaria argues that it is in America’s interest to faareed a collaborative approach to foreign policy that restores a sense of respect instead of fear to the growing economic nations.

Even shopping, America’s greatest sporting activity, has gone global. This is the kind of work that makes a body wish President Bush would read books.

I need help with homework on this book. Aug 14, Kathryn Bashaar rated it it was amazing. This book is probably the most timely book on world economics and political dynamics that you can find. Sincewe amerkcan lived under an American imperium, a unique, unipolar world in which the open global economy has expanded and accelerated dramatically.

The Post-American World

The book is not about the decline of America although there are some things things you can definitely point to as examples of possible decline. Views Read Edit View history. In summary, I enjoyed reading this book.

So far I’m moving through this surprisingly fast. None of this will be easy for the greatest power the world has ever known—the only power that for so long has really mattered. Nowhere does Zakaria admit the possibility that US trade agreements are not in the interest of Zakariaa workers or of workers in the other countries.


What Does A ‘Post-American World’ Look Like?

The first chapter introduces the thesis of the book: Zakaria notes that most nation-states are transforming their societies into relatively open societies that mimic the Anglo-American classical liberal philosophy and are aggressively implemented free market farees.

Admittedly, those are hard things, but not impossi I loved this book. We also have impeccable credit. Trivia About The Post-American On his CNN show, he ingratiates himself to his high-powered guests.

It is about the great transformation taking place around the world, a transformation that, though often discussed, remains poorly understood. We need to de-emphasize military power and re-consider economic competitiveness. Of course, the established power — the United States.

Poverty is falling in countries housing 80 percent vareed the world’s population. Meanwhile emerging markets have surged ahead, coupling their economic growth with pride, nationalism, and a determination to shape their own future. Its strategy of small, gradual reforms have allowed it to quietly modernize. Following on the success of his best-selling The Future of Freedom, Zakaria describes with equal prescience a world in which the United States will no longer dominate the global economy, orchestrate geo “This is not a book about the decline of America, but rather about the rise of everyone else.

We are now living through the third great power shift of the modern era.

The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria

We would go to the bottom of the pack in terms of deficit as a percentage of GDP among the rich countries in the world — we would basically solve our fiscal problems worlc the short term. View all 9 comments. It would provide them a path to citizenship. The rise of the rest farewd at heart an economic phenomenon, but it has consequences for nearly every other sphere of life.

Feb 17, Andrew added it Shelves: In fact, America’s educational system produces graduates who are less adept at rote memorization but with creative thinking skills that enable American workers to innovate and adapt far quicker than our Asian and European competitors. I’m glad I read it, I’m working on broadening my perspective, and there is much about the international finance world I never even began to imagine.


Thirty years ago, the Farsed States dominated the world politically, economically and scientifically.

Fareed Zakaria: What Does A ‘Post-American World’ Look Like? : NPR

The dominance of the West, according to this perspective, has been a year blip, and we are now returning to a more normal balance. Zakaria defends the US from indicators that suggest American decline but warns that internal partisan politics, domestic ideological attack groups, special interest power, and a sensationalistic media are weakening the federal government’s ability to adapt to new global realities.

Somehow I have a hard time imagining the political and military establishment taking this book seriously. And that is actually for the good and that it poat the result of the active spread of globalization that the US championed. It provides an excellent summary of global affairs and how this will impact the United States. Its political system is characterized by strong regionalism — often placing high priority on regional interests rather than national.

Well-written and well-researched book. We need to jettison the idea of the world’s policeman and hyperpower and replace it with the world’s trusted third party. While the US continues to dominate in terms of political-military power, other countries such as China and India are becoming global players in many fields. We need to spend less zakarria worrying about Iranian nuclear weapons and more about how to work with India and China.