Fever is a young-adult dystopian novel written by Lauren DeStefano. It was published on February , by Simon & Schuster Book’s For Young. Fever by Lauren DeStefano – The New York Times bestselling sequel to Wither reveals a world as captivating—and as treacherous—as the one Rhine left. Fever by Lauren DeStefano, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. I’m sure some of them can spell. I’m a little disapointed. In fact, my exact words were, “It looks awful.

At the end of the book, they run off together, hoping to escape somewhere better. More books from this author: Feb 23, Isamlq rated it liked it. Like, it is objectively disgusting, but so You know, I think after talking to desefano couple of people about it, reading a couple of reviews, I can see better why someone would like these books. As a lover of fast paced dystopians, I found myself much preferring this second installment. It is the second book of The Chemical Garden Trilogy.

Recaptains » Fever by Lauren Destefano

I read the first book Wither last summer when I wasn’t blogging and I gave it 4 stars. Bizarrely, Stefano protects Rhine from straight up prostitution which would have at least been believable and instead has Rhine and Gabriel “perform” in an open air bird cage for customers. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This recap was written by our lovely sidekick Charlie Reading to the Stars and Back! As reviewers, we give good reviews and your book sells; we give bad reviews, and your book sells.

Jan 09, Meredith Holley rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Aug 10, Arlene rated laure really liked it Laursn to Laurfn by: So, I might be wrong, but I think I can see what Ms.

This cure allows for the “First Generation” of perfect humans free from ailments. It’s more vibrant, and the story flows really well with an easy to read, but sophisticated prose. What she does do is spend most of the book drugged out of her mind and helpless. Because of this, I sometimes felt disconnected from Rhine and Gabriel and their struggles. Visit her at LaurenDeStefano.


Fever takes destefao in a future where genetic sciences have created a cure of laurem diseases and illness for humanity. Actually, it’s laid on pretty thick, from their eyes, the revealed conversations between Julia and Gabriel, Vaughn’s obsession with her I knew those street-vendor tacos were a bad idea!

About rhapsodyinbooks We’re into reading, politics, and intellectual exchanges. One particularly weird part was when Rhine described Gabriel’s arms feeling like they were coiling around her from head to foot, which she said felt comforting but disturbing at the same time.

The ending of this book just plain pissed me off. Other books in the series. Wither held together so well because the secondary characters and all their relationships destecano explored in good time, realistically and with feeling; time jumped there, yes, but in such a way that it didn’t feel like things were being glossed over or eroded.

Other books in this series.

May 24, hayden rated it liked it. This book had no recap anywhere on the internet.

Rhine and Gabriel have escaped the mansion, but they’re still in danger. That girl on the cover seems to be pretty snazzily dressed for this kind of a novel, Jill. Unfortunately they do not enjoy their freedom for long before they are held prisoners in a FEVER by Lauren Destefano was a much anticipated novel for me because I enjoyed reading it’s predecessor, WITHER and was very intrigued on how this new storyline would play out. You need to buy this book when it comes out — I’m definitely buying my own finished copy!

I had some issues with the pacing of the first book, and this sounds like it might also be a problem with this laurn, seeing as the characters are sleeping all the time! Not going to go into too much detail as I don’t want to give anything away.



I am not trying to claim some kind of nobility for it; I am just saying that we are all writers, but for those of us who are not paid to write, those who are paid for writing have a certain amount of power. Fortunately, the plot doesn’t center around the romance as much as their escape and, eventually, what’s happening laurej Rhine. Who forgot the Ex-Lax, goddammit? I, for one, had no idea what was happening and was caught smiling by the cleverness of it all by the end.

Miranda Mowbray Tempest Books. And why does her hair look like that? I could live off of bread, water and pretty prose for the rest of my days. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

I see many of these middle books as a means to an end. For about the first half of the book, Madame keeps Rhine and Gabriel in an opiate and apparently aphrodisiac haze. I guess I have to wait for the next one! I don’t want him to die or anything, but I think that is mostly for Rhine’s sake not because I would miss him. Some may say that The Chemical Garden series isn’t for everyone because it’s so dark at times, but I would honestly recommend it to everyone!

There’s just as much movement, but, in the latter instance, you’re not going anywhere. I guess that there is something about vague wordiness that is attractive to some readers, and, you know, I can see how that is a thing. But I’ll be apprehensive as hell.