With contrapuntal intelligence, SmartScore differentiates up to 4 voices per staff. Apply a Not sure which Edition of SmartScore is right for you? Finale Users. How do I scan in sheet music to Finale. have the older version, as a Finale owner, you can purchse SmartScore X2 Pro for half price, $ I understand that Finale 25 will no longer support scanning. You can upgrade SmartScore Lite from to SmartScore X2 Pro for $

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You can install SmartScore 5 times before having to e-mail us for more installations. Click here to download “Using SmartScore X2” user manual. A browser work-around is provided during the installation process in that case. TOP SmartScore prints out larger or smaller than my original. Once installed onto your Windows computer, the SmartScore demo cannot be reset after it has timed out.

SmartScore’s scanning interface includes: I can’t seem to scan using SmartScore’s Scanning interface. Use the WIA driver.

Some of today’s scanner-printers, especially the low-cost models, are limited to scanning at discrete resolutions e. Two interactive versions of the Smartscore manual are also available electronically: Use the WIA driver Fijale the notation program it must support MusicXML and import your saved.

Consider upgrading to SmartScore X2 or to Finale v TOP Hand-written music and lead sheets are not well-recognized. For Windows users, we recommend creating image files using the software that came with your scanner. In the upper toolbar, push the Recognition button to begin recognizing the music: Most but not all HP all-in-one printers work with SmartScore’s scanning interface.


SmartScore is accessing an older version of the Chopin font Chopin. If you get absolutely terrible accuracy after recognition and you acquired the scans OUTSIDE of SmartScore’s scanning interface, it’s possible your scanned images were “dithered”.

My demo has timed out. You’ll be a happy music-scanner if you do! SmartScore may recognize lead sheets or hand-written scores provided the notation approximates offset printed sheet music. Now, push the “Threshold” tool in the Toolbar which looks like this: Hand-written music and lead sheets are not well-recognized. We suggest you use the INDEX to locate your topic of interest and click on the appropriate page to jump to that topic.

Click here to view the interactive manual online. Select the PDF file format for output. SmartScore will automatically calculate the appropriate resizing amount. As of OS The online Musitek Forum is a great resource for solving common issues. If you have recognition or editing issue, we will probably need your source.

SmartScore Lite Upgrade Comparison Chart

Click here to look up your install codes and redownload your most recent copy of SmartScore. Not all notation programs fully support the MusicXML specification. Do a search for the word “smartscr”. It’s smartscoree that attach your scanned.

Larger fonts with crisper, more detailed printing will have better accuracy than smaller, faded scores or copies out of multiple generations.


Finale Forum

TOP Music font problems: The workaround is quite simple: Scan from inside SmartScore possible. If your problem relates to an editing issue, send the SmartScore. If you installed the zmartscore, delete 2 files named: It is especially important to keep the left and right-hand margins of every system within the borders of the scanned image and to avoid light leaks masses of black onto the image area containing the music.

Save to your desktop or to your working music directory. In either case, you will need to follow these guidelines: Most flatbed scanners are smartscoge for the job. I’ve got an All-In-One scanner.

Click here to jump to the forum. Poor recognition results after scanning?

Attach them to e-mail and be sure to include a daytime telephone number so we can reach you by phone. Scan upper and lower halves of each page then merge and save joined ginale as a new file using Photoshop or other image processing software. TOP Scans are reversed. For personalized assistance, you may communicate with Tech Support by phone.

It could be your scanner was “dithering”. Change “Orientation” fromm “Portrait” to “Landscape”. The PDF will immediately be converted to multi-page. PDF file to solve your problem.