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Therapy for diabetes meitus and reated disorders, Second edition, American Diabetes Association, ; cocus Jovanovic-peterson L. Eary admission is recommended in women in spontaneous abour with a SGA fetus in order to initiate continuous feta heart rate monitoring.

List of FOGSI Focus The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

For every 3 compressions 1 breath is deivered hence, in a minute, 90 compressions and 30 breaths are given Person 1: Negro, Thyroid insuficiency fcus pregnancy: Determination of heart rate in the baby foggsi birth. Vitamin D reguates expression of human chorionic gonadotrophin in syncytiotrophobast and stimuates production of sex steroids A woman with a singeton gestation and a prior spontaneous preterm singeton birth shoud be offered progesterone suppementation starting at weeks of gestation, regardess of transvagina utrasound cervica ength, to reduce the risk of recurrent spontaneous preterm birth1.

Thyroid function tests in pregnancy Measurement of serum Thyroid Stimuating Hormone TSH is the most simpe, practica and economic screening test flcus thyroid dysfunction. Persona habits such as smoking, acoho, caffeine, using certain 6 Eat right importance of correcting nutritiona deiciencies iron and vitamin D medications and street drugs can negativey and irreversiby affect the deveopment of the baby, which happens in the eary stages of pregnancy.

Insuficient evidence exists to assess whether progesterone and cercage together have an additive effect in reducing the risk of preterm birth in women at high-risk for preterm birth. Inthe US Food and Drug Administration FDA for the irst time has approved the use of progesterone suppementation hydroxyprogesterone caproate during pregnancy to reduce the risk of recurrent preterm birth in women with a history of at east one prior spontaneous preterm deivery3.


The heart rate shoud increase to more than 60 bpm within 60 seconds after giving epinephrine.

FOGSI FOCUS The Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India

A history of cervica surgery Surgeries ike conization and oop eectrosurgica excision procedure, traditionay has been thought to be a risk factor for preterm birth but this ink has not been estabished. However, they have no cinica manifestations of Grave s Disease.

ficus Lower insuin requirements are common during abour often no insuin is necessary. Medications Very few newborns wi require medications during resuscitation. WHO Buetin, Uterine artery Dopper at weeks if biochemica markers are abnorma. Vitamin D-deiciency rickets and myeoibrosis.

List of FOGSI Focus

Progesterone can aso be used beneiciay for secondary prevention after tocoysis, athough no beneit has been demonstrated in twin pregnancies. This incudes choana fogis, esophagea atresia and minor deveopmenta deay. Feta origin of adut disease is a reaity- if the fetus is exposed to harsh or unfavorabe conditions inutero ike pacenta insuficiency, IUGR, not ony can vocus have immediate compications but coud be the cause of disorders in adut ife.

Vidya Thobbi Effect of endocrine disorders on the neonate Dr.

Diabetes with vascuar disease Chronic hypertension Rena impairment especiay when associated with hypertension Antiphosphoipid syndrome Congenita heart disease, in particuar cyanotic congenita fofsi disease Materna risk factors associated with an increased risk of a SGA neonate are: These interventions shoud not be used for this indication.

Seria utrasound measurement of feta size and assessment foocus webeing with umbiica artery Dopper shoud be offered in cases of feta echogenic bowe. Sunight exposure is inuenced by skin coor, atitude, season, ife stye and cutura practice.


Aspirin shoud not be used as an antipyretic agent since it dispaces thyroid hormone from TBG and thus increases the free-hormone concentrations. Diabetes care ; 6: Materna hypothyroidism in eary and ate gestation: Breast Craw of ife. It has been ampy proved that the baby kept in cose contact with the mother immediatey after birth maintains the temperature, maintains the sugar eves, doesn t have gross metaboic disturbances, cries ess and has better neuropsychiatric deveopment ater in ife.

Antenata steroids prevent respiratory distress and intraventricuar hemorrhage, two important risk factors of ROP. Baby-friendy Hospita Initiative, – revised, updated and expanded for integrated care.

After the diagnosis of increased NT the aim must be to distinguish as accuratey and quicky as possibe between those that are ikey fogai have probems from those where the baby is ikey to be norma. I personay don t subscribe to the view that the woman shoud be offered an invasive test, even if she has decided NOT to abort and continue the pregnancy, just for her knowedge.


Combination of bioogica inheritance and environmenta stimuation stimuate the chid to graduay achieve independence in a areas, et him make his own decisions and take his own time. Let us make a controversia statement here: Counseing regarding diet high in iron and correct a other dietary deiciencies.

If one baby has markers or defects suggestive of chromosoma abnormaities, then again directy offer invasive testing. Epinephrine improves cardiac contractiity, thus, the cardiac output which improves bood suppy and oxygen to these organs.

Shaking the baby or keeping the baby upside down shoud be stricty avoided.