The note at the top says to use the foomatic/ljet4 driver, but the later instructions say to use the foomatic/hl Does someone know which is. I picked up a Brother HLW wireless laser printer at OfficeMax a and Model: Brother HLW Foomatic/hpijs-pcl5e (recommended). In Intrepid Ibex, the Brother HL printer is not working under default drivers. as for the HLW printer. autodetects, uses this ppd, still listed as debian/control: Made foomatic-db-hpijs package obsolete by adding.

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It also asks for a Brother cups driver to be installed.

After these debs are installed to the system, foomahic autodetects the printer and chooses a sort of PPD file which is labelled as for the HLW printer. I had read on one forum post on ubuntuforums, that someone gotten it to work using the HL ppd file, which works for me, when manually assigning it, however it only prints up to dpi.

LPD printing – Page 2 – DaemonForums

Fopmatic sure would be nice to get native support for this printer. I had purchased it, to replace a LaserJetwhich stopped working in Hardy, didn’t get fixed either in Intrepid, so its a little disappointment that my replacement is crippled. I have this model of printer. The upgrade went smoothly and I was unable to recreate your bug.


I also did not need to install any drivers. Please use the following guide and post the log files it recommends: The printer is autodected, but not print.

I can print, I had to use the settings, used foomatiic hardy, I attach my cups folder, maybe help somebody. But i had h-2170 the beginning the problem that in some printings the printer did’nt print and the red error led was lightning. I found out that i had a wrong option in the printer settings. There is a new driver specific to foomatiic HL is available on the Brother website, so it is no longer necessary to use a work-around driver for another model. Devs, please incorporate these into the brother- lpr-driver- laser and brother- cups-wrapper- laser packages.

Please add this as another foomxtic known to work on openprinting. Brother provides a native linux driver for this printer which is not included into Ubuntu, your printer should work when manually installing this driver. If you want this native printer driver to be installed automatically in future versions of Ubuntu you should ask Brother to provide a distribution independent driver package as described here: What has to be done here is to add the printer to the Foomatic database and list it with all drivers with which the HL works.

Then the printer will simply work with Ubuntu. Check whether dpi works with this driver. Does the highest resolution setting there work for you? Fixed in the OpenPrinting database upstream, but please answer my question of the previous comment, so that we can perhaps find a better solution.


The “mjc” driver is buggy on Ghostscript 8. Brother HL printer not working in Intrepid Ibex by default Bug reported by zertz on This bug affects 2 people. Comment on this change optional.

Change log for foomatic-db package in Ubuntu

Email me about changes to this bug report. Nominated for Jaunty by Andrew Cranwell.

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