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The trip continues north to the Shiretoko peninsula and the city of Rausu. What’s exciting and new about this system is that it instantly adds stabilization to the entire range of Minolta lenses.

Japan photoworkshop — A country beyond dreams and imagination. Time 15 Friday Early morning we fly north to Hokkaido where we land in Kushiro. For Lake Kussharo, we stop at various places to get close contact with song swans with ice-covered scenery as a backdrop. The cranes warm up in front of a long day of posing in front of our cameras. Snow-covered landscape, diminutive cranes In morning light, then witness their breathtaking dance, Japanese macaques snow monkey or song swans that bathe in hot springs.

Photography workshops and travel for photographers

In the evening there will be night photography. Artikeln skriven och fotograferad av Elisabeth Landberger. In the afternoon we go to a location for the evening magaain of cranes.

During the trip, it will be time for both image viewing and conversation about how we manage to capture Japan in the best possible way.

Fotosidan Magasin uppslag | Joakim Pekkari | Flickr

Read about Masterphoto and our photoworkshop to Japan in Fotosidan magazine. Den kom i skarven fotosidaan och och recenserades i dPreview i januari Sony Alpha A7 II.

The restaurant is built as a small Japanese town where we eat traditional Japanese food. We travel in a comfortable minivan or large car, which gives us the opportunity to stay in selected places along the way or change our plans based on weather to get the best shooting conditions. Fungerar de piratadaptrar som finns till A7 II? Some individuals are sitting by the river that flows through the park while those who are frozen crawl down in the hot water to warm themselves up.


It usually arrives sometime during the evening to catch fish, and we have good chances of getting it on the picture both during fishing and in flight. On the way we photograph iconic Japanese waterfalls with black stones as background and long exposures. We are waiting for groups of Japanese macaques which are coming down from the mountains after spendign the cold night. There is a great action potential when the eagles gather around the prey to decide which eagle wants the prey the most.

Not only did I experience a country with an exciting and completely different culture than our own and with people who offered so much friendliness but also nature experiences of a special kind. Then when fotosodan light slowly disappears we head for the hotel and for dinner and some rest.

Traditional Japanese food is an experience in itself and the presence of Japanese culture that permeates the trip with hospitable Japanese people, shinto temple, onsen japanese hot springs heated by volcanic activity and traditional Japanese inns that accommodate us on during the trip.

The next day we have a great day in Tokyo to experience magain amazing city with crowds of people, we fotoaidan markets, temples and other photogenic places. Kunde vara implementerade i enstaka mera avancerade analoga kameror under den analoga tiden. We have lunch at a small restaurant serving locally produced food. Learn More Calendar GoogleCal. The next morning we will visit a place that is an experience in itself… morning light, cranes and a misty river which is an iconic fotksidan that many associate with Japan.

From Rausu we make boat trips to the driftice of the Ochotsk sea to photograph the giant stellar eagle and seaeagle at sunrise. The system works by analyzing input from motion detectors in the camera body and producing an inverse movement in the Fotosiidan. We spend the night in close proximity so that we get both evening photography and morning photography of the song fktosidan. Location Japan Tokyo, Japan. You will be so close that the monkeys can touch the lens.

On the way we explore the Notsuke peninsula, which has a large population of Sikadeer but also fox and eagle. The journey then continues from the northern parts of the island south and towards the fotosican of Nemuro. An ‘Anti-Shake’ indicator is visible through the viewfinder which provides feedback to the photographer as to how much the system is having to compensate for shake.


It is said that a Sushi is not a sushi if it is eaten outside of Japan. En jury fungerar som sluss till detta galleri. Put your camera to sequence to not miss anything. Minolta first introduced this feature with the DiMAGE A1, it is unique in its operation because instead of stabilizing a lens element as in a traditional image stabilization system the sensor is fotosiadn. Japan photoworkshop Japan Tokyo, Japan.

We spend the night in Nemuro and after breakfast we visit visit a eagle feeding ground. The swans swim in warm pools that are heated by underground volcanic activity. We will take you on a trip from the buzzing multi-million city of Tokyo to frozen macaques, cranes swept into mist, song swans bathing in hot springs and the giant Stellar eagle at sunrise.

The system can be disabled via switch on the rear of the camera and can also detect a panning movement and only compensate for movement on the opposite axis. We also visit the smoking mountain that is an active thermological site. In the evenings, we enjoy traditional Japanese food, onsen and discuss experiences and photography. After that, breakfast will be taken to a place where we can catch incoming cranes but also shoot individuals. Here you can have relaxed monkeys that both enjoy and sometimes fall asleep in the warm water.

Start | Nic Kruys Nature Photography Around the Sun

Inside the 7D its six megapixel CCD is mounted on a movable platform controlled by two actuators x and y axis. We spend a whole day at Jigokudani so there is plenty of time to try different photo techniques, close-ups and catch them in varying environments. In the evening we have dinner in a fotosidaj special place.

Because Tokyo is actually the most beautiful at night with lots of neon signs, illuminated streets, hordes of people and trucks with flashing lights passing by our cameras. The monkeys are curious and like to pose for the camera.