Strings By Mail Frank Martin – Quatre Pieces Breves (pour la Guitare) – Universal Edition UE 10 pages. (back to CD recording). Having long been a part of the standard repertoire of guitar literature for several decades as a solo work, Frank Martin’s Quatre Pieces Breves is now adapted for . Buy Quatre Pieces Breves by Frank Martin/ed. Brudel at Guitar Tab Sheet Music. Edited by Hans Brudel. For guitar quartet. First Edition. T.

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Additionally, Switzerland isolated itself politically, and therefore culturally, in the first half of this century. To me, Widmer seemed to know the guitar very well, indeed; he had written his earlier guitar compositions in Bahia in collaboration with one of the guitarists at the local music academy.

Concertino for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra. His answer came on September 11, Quatrre Lagoya and the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra played its world premiere.

Frank Martin, Quatre Pieces Breves fur vier Gitarren

Description Having long been a part of the standard repertoire of guitar literature for several decades as a solo work, Frank Martin’s Quatre Pieces Breves is now adapted for a guitar quartet in a meticulous new arrangement by Hans Brudel. I am going to play a piece from your beautiful suite, the Chansons, in Geneva — unfortunately, I was not yet able to master the entire set.


If you do not approve, please tell Madame Giovanna Cassetti to whom I am mailing my program at the same time as this letter.

Gagnebin studied organ, composition, and orchestration; his teachers included, among others, Vincent d’Indy and Joseph Lauber who later taught Frank Martin as well. After the war, he also inspired Hans Haug to write pieces for the guitar. Bauer in and scored for clarinet and guitar. He did give a master class at the Geneva Conservatory in You May Also Like.

Frank Martin – Quatre Pieces Breves (pour la Guitare)

Therefore, we have no means of comparing the original pencil rough draft with the version he gave to Segovia. Only the Con brio was written in clean copy on a separate sheet.

In his letter from Assisi on September 19, he writes: Please click on the link in the confirmation email we just sent you to submit your question. In the score, edited by Karl Scheit, was finally published by Universal Edition. He sent Segovia a copy right away, but Segovia never responded. It is certain, though, that Scheit never published any piece by Gagnebin.

He ;ieces about four months later.

Martin refused, disappointed as he was in Segovia. Chansons was one of the required pieces brreves the Geneva competition. His musical legacy is kept by the Ernst Widmer Society which is preparing a catalogue of his works at present.


I shall inform you in advance of my time of arrival so that I can play your pieces for you and get your approval. However, this is not the case, for Azpiazu’s version of is almost identical to Martin’s last manuscript which he sent farnk Universal Edition in In December,the “Accademia Musicale Chigiana” in Siena, Italy held a composition competition for guitar in the following combinations: Low prices Worldwide shipping Knowledgeable staff Satisfaction guarantee Fully secure https.

After the competition was over, Gagnebin’s guitar pieces were gradually forgotten. If it has not yet been published, one has to consult libraries. The commentary to this CD would have been impossible to write without the invaluable help jartin the following persons, articles, and books: First, he wrote out a manuscript in pencil which he used as a rough draft in composing different versions.

Quatde would be glad to write something for guitar, I’m very flexible in such matters. Gagnebin was director of the Geneva Conservatory from to I was beginning a search for the manuscript and found your wonderful blog.

Martin on the fifth and Gagnebin on the second floor.