Franz von Papen indicates that he is still a conservative monarchist at the time his Memoirs are written. He was from a well-off, but not aristocratic, family who. Franz von Papen was Chancellor of Germany in and Vice-Chancellor under Adolf Hitler from to Results 1 – 30 of 47 Memoirs by Von Papen, Franz and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Additionally, as part of the deal that allowed Hitler to become Chancellor, Papen was granted the right to attend every meeting between Hitler and Hindenburg.

No explanation seems to have been preovided what actually happened in the momentous times in the early thirties which got Hitler the reins of power.

American Historical Association members Sign in via society site. Under the Weimar Constitution, fdanz Chancellor was a fairly weak figure, serving as little more than a chairman. Berghahn Books, page Unknown Binding Verified Purchase. He met with Hitler in Vienna and urged him to treat the Roman Catholic Church with mekoirs and meet ,emoirs Cardinal Innitzer, which he did, and “Innitzer seemed gratified Major defendants at the Nuremberg trials. He died in Marshall Aid, the resistance to the Soviet Union, and the Franco-German understanding which led to the growing integration of Western Europe.

Justice Jackson, to justify preventing political speeches by the defendants, “If we should have a prolonged controversy over whether Germany invaded Norway a few jumps ahead of a British invasion of Norway, or whether France in declaring war was the real aggressor, this trial can do infinite harm for those countries with the people of the United States. The Nazi Secret Service. Whether vranz should be the principal trait of the man who today governs Germany is, to be sure, another question.

The US historian Gerhard Weinberg wrote about the conservative majority of the first Hitler cabinet in ” He says this did not destroy the Weimar Republic, instead that was done by the voters in the election on July 31,after Papen had been Chancellor 8 weeks.


They told Hitler that the book would have a most unfortunate effect on the party, and all my attempts to convince him that open discussions of the problems involved was essential, were nullified by the mere suggestion that the debate raised by the book might endanger the party Papen’s “closest and dearest friend” and colleague Wilhelm von Ketteler disappeared fanz March 13, Papen believes Adolph Hitler, even when he became Chancellor, had a positive attitude towards the established Lutheran and Catholic churches.

Memoirs – Franz von Papen – Google Books

University Press of America page 2. Then he was surprised to be sent as military attache to the German embassy to the United States, where he became friends with Franklin D. Minister for Science and Education. Hitler was delighted with the electoral success and tried hard to recruit von Papen. Halifax, Victoria and memoira Royal NavyHalifax: Papen goes on at length about how he protected Jews as best he could.


He was reputed to be superficial, blundering, untrue, ambitious, vain, crafty and an intriguer. Norton, pages On 23 January Schleicher admitted to Hindenburg that he had been unable to prevent a vote of no-confidence from the Reichstag when it was due to convene on 31 Memlirs, and asked the president to declare a state of emergency.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Showing of 5 reviews. Acting officeholders shown in italics.

MEMOIRS by Franz von Papen | Kirkus Reviews

Much of his imprisonment was spent in camp hospitals, and on appeal he was released in January To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

McFarland, page In Chapter VIII Papen recounts in detail franx events leading from the Bruning chancellorship, through his own, explaining what he saw as the reason for the sudden growth of the Nazi Party, roughly Curiously I have a copyright edition of papeb book which is signed by Henry Ehrmann.


The relations between Germany and Austria had been bad, and Papen was known to have been a personal friend of Dollfuss, the Austrian Chancellor, and to have urged Hitler to withdraw some hostile legislation he had enacted.

Papen believes he was chosen Chancellor because he had ties to President Hindenburg, military leaders, and Catholics, as well as a history of working at times with both the Social Democrats and the right-wing parties.

On June—July Papen represented Germany at the Lausanne conference where on 9 July reparations were cancelled, which Papen followed up by “repudiating” Article of the Treaty of Versailles President Hindenburg had repudiated Article ina speech that Papen appeared not to be aware of. Papen complemented the “fierce steadiness of the individual Turkish soldier.

Franz von Papen

Papen intended to “tame” Hitler with the Marburg speech, and gave the speech without any effort at co-ordination beforehand with either Hindenburg or the Reichswehr. The Third Reich in Power. Why Von Papen never explained. Hindenburg took the loss of Papen very badly, and gave him a present of a picture of himself on which he had written some lines from a song that began with the line “Once I had a comrade”.

Bazna had gained access to the safe which contained the most important documents in the British Embassy, and he wanted to sell them to the Germans. His demeanor was modest and polite, and although I had heard much about the magnetic quality of his eyes, I do not remember being impressed by them