Farther Away has ratings and reviews. MJ said: Franzen’s second collection of non-fic trimmings is as strong as his first, albeit slacking on t. Farther Away: Essays [Jonathan Franzen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this incisive collection of speeches and essays, Jonathan. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for ‘Freedom’ ‘Deeper, funnier, sadder and truer than a work Farther Away: Essays – Kindle edition by Jonathan Franzen.

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Some people may find it heartening to see that even someone as talented, intelligent and self-critical as Mr Franzen cannot avoid including the odd clunker in this his second essay collection. One of the great cover-ups is sentimentality – one of the farrther of a genius is a terrifying lack of sentimentality.

This was a great experience. I probably will reread some of these essays again as well. Refresh and try again.

Farther Away by Jonathan Franzen

This is one of the reasons the company of a genius can be pretty scarifying for us mediocrities. Once, not long after I met him, I spotted my new genius friend in a car, while I was out running errands. At one house, he found that the lawn was infested with hornet nests, and he had to get rid of them; not a pleasant task.

Retrieved from ” https: Some of what happened there is by now well known. Anyway, I remembered really liking it, and several years later when I found myself contemplating a fairly limited audiobook selection at my parents’ home library, I checked out an audio version of the Corrections and listened to most of it on a trip. His girlfriends suffered far more than I did from these things, but it was still dismaying. And liking, in general, is commercial culture’s substitution for loving.

I ‘d heard that the title essay of Jonathan Franzen’s new collection was about his punishing experiences on a rough and tiny island.

Farther Away: A Collection by Jonathan Franzen: review

No surprise, then, that this Walden-like exercise in self-sufficiency inspired him to reach for his pen. Familiar Essayswhich, directly due to its jocular and familiar style, is like a wall erected between the reader and that real person who also happens to be the author.

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This time round, the actual topography in which he finds himself serves as a kind of parallel map of the condition in which Wallace — “a lifelong prisoner of the island of himself” — washed up.

It’s farthfr truly heartbreaking story, and it along with a speech given by Franzen at a memorial service for DFW is a fitting tribute to one of the best writers of our generation. On a trip to China to see first-hand the environmental devastation there, he doesn’t omit mention of his excitement and awe at the pace of China’s economic development; the trip becomes a journey out frazen his own prejudice and moral condemnation. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Franzen does a good job describing the scarifying effects of such a friendship, he never quite brings himself to state the situation baldly: I’ll be seeking Franzen’s books like this There are some “filler” pieces here–a screed against the annoying use of “then” seems to be one–along with book reviews, commencement addresses, interviews with himself as the subjectand his remarks at the memorial service of his friend, David Foster Wallace.

Farther Away by Jonathan Franzen – review

A genius has ways of manifesting his boredom, often with displays of cruelty. Love is the deus franzem machina we should let into our lives.

I don’t know what, but to some extent, I do understand it now, if a bit late in the game.

He looked through the scope for two seconds before turning away with patent boredom. Franzen still seems to think bird watching is a virtue. While his topics vary to the point of mania, sharp intellect, and what I can only describe as earnest expression are a common factor amongst Franzen’s essays.

His literary criticism continues to be compelling and enthusiastic, his social commentary continues to be somewhat infuriatingly self-righteous, and his interest in birds continues to be somewhat eccentrically interesting.

Some of the pieces quite frankly felt like filler in the book. This is for me, anyway an extremely tough book to review on its own merit. Overall, I couldn’t connect with Franzen’s writin Most books I read usually elicit a strong reaction from me.


May 28, Terry Heller rated it really liked it. His journalistic pieces are tame gonzo, and his comments about David Foster Wallace seemed honest and not another hagiography.

The book is worth reading for this essay alone, especially if you’re a writer or interested in the art of writing. A related phenomenon is the ongoing transformation, courtesy of Facebook, of the verb ‘to like’ from a state of mind to an action that you perform with your computer mouse: Devoid of purpose on the island, his mind races.

And in “Farther Away” you read in a couple essays that these are Franzen’s actual opinions put into the mouths of his characters. Nothing really connects with anything – literary trends, friendships, feuds, history – have been replaced with doctrine and a great deal of noise Professional critics have noted this so I see from online reviewsas well they should, since it is the heart of this collection in a way.

And he manages to communicate all of these things in his essays with humor, wit and at times, something approximating compassion.

I was unwilling to dedicate the time to listening to the entire 20 discs, but I think that The Corrections was probably at least as good as I had remembered it being. Pages to import franxen to Wikidata. Elsewhere in the collection, Franzen seems more gregarious — in a solitary sort of way — than he was in How to be Alone.

A collection of essays and speeches written in the last five years. Aug 21, Matias rated it liked it. Like Telegraph Books on Facebook.