French Lover is the story of Nilanjana, a young Bengali woman from Kolkata who moves to Paris after getting married to Kishanlal, a restaurant. French Lover by Taslima Nasrin – book cover, description, publication history. French Lover by Taslima Nasrin, the Bangladeshi author. Read this article to know more about the major themes in the novel. Read more on.

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She believes in the art of storytelling and reviews books so that the world can choose the best ones and embark on an adventurous virtual lvoer journey. French Lover is the story of Nilanjana, a young Bengali woman from Kolkata who moves to Paris after getting married to Kishanlal, a restaurant owner. Monique Mathew, the French citizen turned Indian,after marrying an Indian, travels from France to India in the hope of living with herloving husband forever.

The author has been busy finding faults in Indian and French culture.

French lover is the story of Nilanjana Mandal, an educated, Bengali woman who marries and emigrates to Paris with a Punjabi restaurateur when rejected by her nasreem caste college sweetheart. She has no feelings for him and she want to be independent. The character of Nila has been sketched so poorly, that you cannot exactly understand her till the end.

A female intuition is her biggest strength- which protects her from evil, he This kind of a book or rather story i should say, is not expected from a wonderful writer like you. It is a question of whether a woman will be treated as an equal ever by a man. Once shared in a small group with other women, individual pain and suffering appeared in a different light. Nila is nothing more than a housekeeper and sex object for her old husband.


A women goes to paris after her marriage to live with her husband.

Then again,before putting everything on men, is it to ignore that the same patterns of odds had been taken place in her lesbian relationship as well? But the emancipated women of today want to liberatethemselves from the unwritten norms of patriarchy. French Lover Author s: The relationship ends when Nilanjana realises that Benoir’s first priority is himself and not the woman he loves, and that her need for him has ended.

What was she expecting some slaves who would obey her like a dog. Stay in Touch Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from Shadows Galore.

French Lover: A Novel – Taslima Nasreen – Google Books

He sees beauty in Nila’s sad, sad eyes,in her exotic chocolate coloured skin, her not so perfect assets yada yada. I loved the book.

How can a woman just let a man ravish her without putting up a defence? Anyway, the takeaway from this book seems to be, for meat least, is don’t marry someone financially dependent on you, haslima they will have an inferiority complex about themselves, which they will might use to put the blame on their significant other in case you give your opinion to them.

Most women do have a much greater sense naxreen the emotional components of all human activity than most men.

Political asylum they may just allow, but economical asylum – never! The author hides it ,very craft fully till the climax, but in reality you will see it easily. Issue 12, February Danielle and her lesbianism represent western freedom, which means she isemancipated, free from all restrictions, social or otherwise, but runs the risk of moralcorruption and hence is negatively emancipated.

Through the character of Nila, Nasrin portraysthe inner struggle of an artist to express her feminine urge for self-expression. He isvery cautious about his every move towards this newfound comfort.


Taslima Nasrin’s French Lover: Self-actualisation

Because of thephysical prowess of men and due to some clever manipulation by males, women trainedto be domestic and subordinate. The Glass Palace Amitav Ghosh. Open Preview See a Problem? The protagonist of this book is Nilanjana, who have her own set of rule for this society and want to live life on her own terms. Sep 21, Tanjina Tamanna rated it liked it. This may be like Nilanjana leaving her husband twslima with her friend or like Danielle leaving her father to live alone in the company offriends of her own.

Apr 04, Surabhi Sarkar added it.

French Lover by Taslima Nasrin – Book Review – Halo of Books

View all 3 comments. Pathetically enough, sex does not distinguish adaughter or a friend, Nasrin generalizes the plight of women by introducing variouswomen characters in parallel situations where in the experience of one woman happens tobe that of other women. Paris in a Trance. Chaitali, Benoir and his wife tells about a woman who is willing to give her husband toanother woman for the sake of love. Every male characters that appear I read a translated version of Taslima Nasrin’s French Lover and I was totally bowled over by it.

I happened to read its english translation by Sreejata Guha. But her road to self-discovery has only just begun.

She has been living in exile since The brave one does not want to make a compromise and comes out of the shackles of theunion. She yearns for freedom yet never shows a temperament for independence.