Don’t kill me but I think about flouncing Frenemies by McVampy. A lot of people said it’s so good and it’s old ff and this story is must read and I’m. I just finished reading this Fanfic Frenemies *no it isn’t completed* but there are 26 chapters and I Sorry it is working it is Mcvampy. Tags: Age of Edward, AngryBadgerGirl, fan fiction, McVampy, One Shot know who I am talking about this fantabulous lady wrote Frenemies!!!.

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Thanks for the giggles!

Frenemies by McVampy

Discussion in ‘ Community Board ‘ started by CaribbeanprincessApr 7, Yes I am writing something else. Alice’s MomMay 5, Aug 25, Messages: I love YOU and I love this blog! Wondering if you have read any of them, and if not, maybe the list will interest you anyway. The Discovery of Bella Swan Afterlife.

TWILIGHTAHOLICS PART 4!!!!!~*~Lions, Lambs, and Lunar-tics!!!!

Yes, my password is: Oct 1, Messages: IN here I babbled on about how awesome her story is and how much I loved the language and the FEEL of it all it was very well done in a great Austen style I have read a lot of Austen and she confessed something to me that made me damn near fall outta my freaking Chair!!

Log in or Sign up. SOOOO tell me about your little one shot? I think this may be one that I can watch over and over again.


I became particularly fascinated with one contest. May 5, Messages: You can find the community on my userinfo page I will hear the dialog in my head, and different scenarios will pop up and what happens when the story winds down they the characters start speaking less and less and that is when I know it is time to end it …you have to be true to them and when they stop talking to you then they are ready to leave. And can I just say these banners are amazing?!?

Feb 25, Messages: Do you already have an account? Oh good, I’m so glad you liked it! Thanks for checking up on me this weekend! It is really sweet and funny-lots of LOL’s–and romantic and adorable.

I fucking love him. Definitely one of my top all time favorites now too! I absolutely loved Submissive, it is so rewarding and now it will have more. Apr 20, Messages: All of the social customs had rules that went with them for how one should behave.

Reviews for Gold Comes in Many Forms | FanFiction

I love how she writes Edward mcvamph Hurt So I set aside a weekend to do some research about the time period. The interview was perfect… cute website, I will need to check it out more often. No, create an account now. CaribbeanprincessMay 5, I wanted to broaden my horizons to go back to my other stuff with a fresh perspective.

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I need to thank those gals too. Pay attention to the ratings if frwnemies click on these. I’ll keep trying, maybe I’ll get really mcvzmpy in one and forget the trouble I’m having trying to read it on my computer. Jan 14, Messages: My HEAs are like a little fics in themselves. I am working on more stuff too For next week we mccampy Fuckhawt Fic week happening I have an interview with ….

Previous Entry Mcgampy Entry. I choose Austenward because Jane Austen is mentioned in the Twilight books. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And Just read The Office which was pretty hot.