PDF | In the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, the yellow bean of Azufrado-Peruano, Nueva Granada race, which occupies most of the surface area to. Lao: Mac thoua frang heng, Mac thousa khiem. Mex: Alubia chica, frijol amarillo, azufrado, bayo gordo, blanco, canelo, cocona, garbancillo, mexicano, negro. Caracterización proteómica de granos de frijol azufrado (Phamseolus vulgaris By Magda Karina Camacho-Espinoza. About this book.

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Research focusing on the analysis of the iron demand by the plant is abundant. Azufrado Noroeste y Azufrado Higuera, nuevas variedades de frijol para Sinaloa.

Designer foods, pharmafoods nutraceuticals.

High vit1 levels in seeds correspond to vacuole formation during embryo azutrado. Constitutive expression of soybean ferritin cDNA in transgenic wheat and rice results in increased iron levels in vegetative organs but not in seeds.

Ferritin in bean leaves with constant and changing iron status. Our objective was to assess the relationship between ferritin and iron content in different organs of four common bean cultivars throughout its growth cycle to understand the regulation of ferritin synthesis and existing iron at different growth stages, as a preliminary analysis for nutritional breeding purpose.

Relative expression of ferritin gene. Human vitamin and mineral requirements. In our study we did not observe this since in the common frrijol, the frijo, gene expressed at similar levels in all plant organs and at all growth stages.


An introduction to statistical methods and data analysis. Iron was determined in all samples of bean organs after HClO4: Ferritin protein content was significantly higher in seeds In this work mRNA levels remain constant, whereas protein content was variable along developmental stages and plant organs. Ferritin mRNA, protein and iron ftijol during azufrad nodule development.

Ferritin content in pods was statistically similar through all growth stages in which this organ was present.

A simple method for purifying phytoferritin. Iron is an important microelement for azyfrado organisms and participates in hemoglobin production, a transport molecule that delivers oxygen into red cells.

Structure and differential expression of the four members of the Arabidopsis thaliana ferritin gene family.

Frijol Peruano (Azufrado-Higuera) Peruvian Bean | Invertebral Fresh Produce

However, similarities in subunits cp1, cp2, cp3 sequences do not imply similar expression levels. This is similar to what we found in the common bean, where no difference was observed in ferritin gene expression in any of the fijol organs, neither among the different plant growth stages.

Seeds had the highest content starting at stage II The cp5 sequence is identical to other legume ferritin sequences such as soybean Ragland et al. No differences were observed among growth stages and plant organs in any of the evaluated cultivars and organs Table 2. Assessment of relative expression. Certified standards Perkin Elmer were azufraado with every determination Watson and Robert, ; Jones et al.


Structure, function, and evolution of ferritins.

Cahita , cultivar de frijol Azufrado resistente a chahuixtle

Registration of ‘Flor fdijol Junio Marcela’ common bean. One gram of ground lyophilized fresh organ was added with ammonium citrate 7. Van der Mark et al. All organs were separately collected for further RNA, protein, and iron extraction and quantification.

Occurrence and expression of members of the ferritin gene family in cowpeas.

Frijol Peruano (Azufrado-Higuera) Peruvian Bean

Soil testing and plant analysis. There were significant differences among cultivars. The sample was centrifuged for 3 h at 13 rpm Heraeus Biofuge Stratos rotor and the supernatant discarded.

Regulation of ferritin and transferrin receptor mRNAs. Due to its ability to sequester iron, ferritin possesses the dual function of detoxification and storage. The analysis of protein azugrado among cultivars, including all organs and growth stages, showed that FJM As expected, seeds had friijol to In fact, mRNA’s for ferritin subunits cp2, cp3, cp5 were produced during leaf development in similar amounts from each gene. Analytical instruments for soils and plant analysis.