Collection of Comic and Magazine scans (cbz or pdf) from OldGameMags, read them all online for free!. Didn’t love GamesTM, but I’d take it over Edge any day of the week. .. # ยท HKT said: In the interests of transparency, I’m Retro Gamer’s. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. Groove Coaster Zero creator Reisuke Ishida interviewed in the issue # of GamesTM.

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Feature Want to know more about what happens in Avengers 4? And then top off the trip with chicken burger and chips. Oct 25, 1, It’s a shame I hope everyone lands on their feet elsewhere but it was always going to happen in gamestn age of the internet and video consumption.

Real shame about GamesMaster. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close | ResetEra

I walk past their HQ quite often. Audience for print is tiny.


GamesTM used to be pretty good, shame. Feature See which games are free with your Xbox Live Gold gamfstm this month. GamesMaster going in particular is an end of an era. Looking back, I think the only thing that has changed between print mags back then and digital content now are reviews I’m talking mainstream content and not Youtube personalities yelling for clicks.

Nov 18, 1, Review Designed specifically for gaming, the Razer phone 2 is big, bright, and a little impractical to actually use. Oct 25, 1, NYC. GamesMaster was one of the reasons I got into gaming.

UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close

Sep 29, I’d ballpark that up to the early s, game mags I read could trash games if they were lousy. I grew up on it and gamesfm got on the cheat page once!

Devastated to hear Future Publishing claimed another victim. Great games and support gave Nintendo’s console a great year. However, I still think the quality of writing is way above what we get online.

Deals From the standard game to an inch high model, there are some godly bargains going at BestBuy. GamesTM has been uniformly excellent all along. Reactions The Hellboy trailer impressed some, but left many wanting something completely different. Do you think something can be done to save magazines? Oct 29, Oct 25, 2, RIP to a piece of my childhood. Oct 25, 17, North East of Engurland.

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Deals Enjoy two of the most highly-rated PSVR games of recent times gamesttm begin your virtual journey and get them all for an absolute bargain.

Gwmestm dreamt of working there one day when I was a youngster. Total Film magazine reveals its favourite films of the year, from Avengers: There used to be even a Dutch edition: Feature Got an idea for a game but no idea how to get started? You kinda proved his point.

I buy every issue. Oct 25, Birmingham, UK. Little Old Man Member.