Building the GEK Gasifier in Seven Parts: This project is part of a series of ALL Power Labs showing how to create a Honda Accord that runs on wood gas. Plans for the Keith gasifier are available from Drive On Wood. Save yourself a lot of time and effort with Wayne Keith’s proven gasification system. GEK gasifier. I’ve been planning on putting a gasifier on our farm truck for some GEK The gasifier Experimental Kit is a gasifier company that started up.

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Also, don’t miss these other free PDF downloads. APL designs and manufactures biomass gasifiers and builds and markets small-scale bek kW – kW electrical generators fueled by these gasifiers. Me doing less precise science, just look into one of 7 nozzle bore to observe degree of brightness within the hearth. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Library / Free Gasifier Plans | Drive On Wood!

As of Junethis unit is currently unavailable, while we re-engineer it to match the new design of the Power Pallet]. Drum Filter and Scrubber: Save yourself a lot of time and effort with Wayne Keith’s proven gasification system. I quickly got a steady stream of smoke into my swirl burner which I had gasitier lit propane torch for the pilot light.

Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. I’ve watched them grow and have sentimental attachment to them. Show 0 new item s.

There is significant heat energy in the exhaust gases, gasifoer the torrified woodchips will absorb the soot and aromas of burning vegetable oil, as well as providing sound-deadening. This may not work out well.


Charcoal for packed bed filter. See there is a philippine project going on in August this year.

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You will still see a major cost savings, and the vehicle will perform well on pure woodgas when the load is removed. Actual GEK owner comments here could be transfered to the individual owners pages. As a mechanic I think if your jets were all turned 90 degrees away from center a 6″ mm tube could be inserted and the air nozzles turned into your holes. Insert image from URL.

P,ans want to build two gasifiers for my farm in siberia and my parents want to buy two gasifiers for similar purposes in Idaho, USA, so any input would be great. LOL So plasn you come here to visit me in the central philippines expect the local culture.

Design by Arthur Noll. Wood gas, Syngas, Biogas, Producer ga s. By my count you have now spread more gasifiers across the planet into more hands than any other single effort in the last 50 years. Full address or email details are not required if you wish to keep these private.

Uses for Wood Gas. A principal segment of their market is directed at addressing energy poverty in the developing world. Here you will find detailed GEK gasifier building plansgasifier configuration and operating tips”how to” instructions for converting engines to wood gasraw sciencepractical engineeringand many other topics of interest for Power Pallet users and gasifier geeks. I’ve put some pictures of my GEK and first firing onto Flikr http: Jim – regarding the tar fence, I think I could probably knock one up myself.


Wanting to have a gasifier control unit of some type, perhaps just a low-temp alarm, what available sensor could convert radiation emmitted to a usable signal? Pages Images and files.

Retrieved November 30, I would propose for initial proof testing we use power sawn up hatchet chunked to get the nails gasifer shipping pallet wood as a standardized fuel. gasufier

All Power Labs – Wikipedia

He makes the plans freely available, so you can build one straight from the CAD files. All topics are open for any contributions or edits you would like to gasifiwr.

Insert image from URL. The instructions support a variety of paths– from complete DIY wood gas plans for scrap tank hacksto assembling and firing the various complete gasifier kits offered by ALL Power Labs. But vehicles present a challenge – the gasifier must perform well from idle right to full throttle. Gasifiers can be designed for any size engine, from a lawnmower all the way to industrial power stations.

Or considered from the other direction, the new GEK Gasifier kit is the complete Power Pallet minus the engine, genhead, engine governor, and various engine related accessories.

Cruising the freeways is a part of the American Dream, but it’s much more affordable when you’re burning scrap lumber instead of gasoline! If so what is the best way to get the proper size?