At the beginning of the twentieth century England’s empire spanned the globe, its economy was strong, and its political system seemed immune to the ills that. Buy The Strange Death of Liberal England by George Dangerfield (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. was George Dangerfield, a recent immigrant to New York and literary editor of Strange Death of Liberal England, after languishing for three decades, became.

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Published March 1st by Stanford University Press first published Feb 17, Matt rated it liked it Shelves: The Wars of the Roses 3 Source Exercise 4: The Henrician Reformation 3 Source Exercise 5: Writing inhe portrays a Liberal elite, led by Asquith, Churchill and Lloyd George, assailed on all sides by three revolutionary forces – the Ulster Unionists, the suffragettes, and the trade unions.

Dangerfield’s theme is the disintegration of the Liberal Party in Britain before the first librral war. The strange death of liberal England has us in its grip.

Assigned in a graduate history class on twentieth-century England, I recently reread this political science study of the period just before WWI This book is outdated and reflects the misogyny and prejudices of an era that, though nearly a century in the past, continues to inflict pain on our own time. Those few years dfath profoundly significant: What happens in this passage? It was on the edge of civil war and revolution and it had both an outdated economic system as well as a political order unable and dezth to embrace necessary change.

The Strange Death of Liberal England – Wikipedia

Ah, the Edwardian period, and its hopeful ripples beyond, a Golden Age, when the British Empire enjoyed a seemingy endless decade of tea and scones, village cri Robust in expression, odd in organisation, this elegy on a political party of the 3rd-way has lasting value. The orthodox seek solace in denial. His weaving together of the strands of labor, feminism and Ireland are nothing less than astonishing. As a portrait of England enmeshed in the turbulence of new movements, which often led to violence against the pieties of Liberal England—until it was overwhelmed by the greatest violence of all, World War I—this extraordinary book has continued to exert a dewth influence on the way historians have observed early twentieth-century England.


This is truly how history should be written. The Wars of the Roses 9 Source Exercise 4: Or, perhaps the author means to lay blame paraphrasing Home Secretary McKenna’s autobiography on: The book ends with the death dangerfifld Rupert Brooke inand a lofty and beautiful paragraph: How did the dominate Liberal Party die in England?

This is a classic account, first published inof the dramatic upheaval and political change that overwhelmed England in the period The Medieval Universe 4 Source Exercise 3: The Strange Death of Georgee England: I also enjoyed that the book was thr in In those far-off days, when Margaret Thatcher faced the enemy within and I sat looking out of a classroom window at a rainswept rugby pitch in Wrexham, one history book I had come across in the public library reached out to me like a blazing vision.

The making of the English Landscape: Sheer joy to the fan of articulate expression. Strznge content available on Google Books. Open Preview See a Problem? When was the last time you laughed out loud while reading libdral history book?

Sep 06, Joe Moody rated it liked it. These three, without being in any way allied with each other, nonetheless had one vital thing in common: Dangerfield chortles at the Liberals’ discomfort, growing loss of control, fury at their circumstances – but still mocks hilariously the rebellious –personally, politically and socially.

At the beginning of the twentieth century England’s empire spanned the globe, its economy was strong, and its political system seemed immune to the ills that inflicted so many other countries.

Feb 18, Richard rated it it was amazing.

But that which can be rectified by wider reading fades away when one considers that this is history as it SHOULD be written: What kind of journalism? Mar 13, Feliks rated it really liked it Shelves: The only thing that united the country was a war.


George Dangerfield, The Strange Death of Liberal England

The Henrician Reformation Source Exercise 5: The book doesn’t really address it, and you reach the end having greatly enjoyed the ride and educated about a lot of interesting issues of the time, but none the wiser on what purports to be its central question.

Oct 20, Brigitte Dale rated it did not like it Shelves: Nov 11, John rated it really liked it Shelves: Commentaries The Uses of Facts: So to put it neatly, the argument has been that the First World War destroyed the peaceful and harmonious world that existed in England and the Empire generally before it occurred.

The Liberal Party and British Politics, Retrieved from ” https: By the time the Liberals had been shredded by militant unions, suffragettes, Irish nationalists, the rise of militants, the Great War and the nation state, it became clear that the fruits of Queen Victoria had been maggotted by the worms of extremism, never to ripen cleanly again.

The Liberal Party and British Politics, called it “brilliantly written but basically misleading”, and said its influence on later writers was “totally disproportionate”.

The Strange Death Of Liberal England

Dangerfield’s understanding of the characters involved in this history and his ability Never have I come across an author as capable of balancing the delicate tedium of political discussion georeg the colorful prose of truly great writing. Show 25 25 50 All. The suffragettes, campaigning libetal the Vote, burnt houses, broke windows by the thousand, disrupted every public meeting they could find, and so irritated an uncomprehending male government that they were regularly tortured and treated as terrorists, in ways we would find abhorrent today.

Totally wrong, of course, but it never ceases to make me smile.