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Accordingly, his mother was princess Seelawathi and his father was prince Wickramabahu. During this era the arts prospered and Sandeshaya Kavya Sanskrit or “Message Poems” too were written in a local style.

These hint at the legacy of skill that the artisan communities in Kelaniya are known for. After getting ordained as a Buddhist monk young Rahula thera moved to the Wijayabha pirivena of Thotagamuwa for his further education.

Yet, the author’s name has been lost with time.

Prose and verse, in particular Sandeshaya Kavya, evolved sandeshata flourished to become part of the Island’s significant literary tradition.

When you see forest women, whose graceful hair Is twined with screw-pine petals, who dust themselves With pollen of blown blossom, and in that wild region Long sandeshay love’s contents, speak not to them but go on your way!

The resurgence of poetry is ample evidence of the peace and glory of the era.

Athahitha – අතහිත

At the dawn of the 15th Century, in the Kingdom of Kotte ruled by King Parakramabahu VIthe last monarch to unite the Island, there was a great aesthetic renaissance. This is a mellifluous errand which is full of poetic excellence written in a religious and patriotic perspective.


Ambana Indurugiri cave, ElpitiyaGalle District. The Parrot was entrusted the task of making a plea to God Natha to protect the King Parakramabahu VI of Kotte and the entire Sri Lanka from the afflictions of enemies, pestilence and evil spirits.

Purathana Gadya Ha Gira Sandeshaya – Textbooks – Books

Processing Request Please Wait Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thero was a pillar in Sri Lankan literature, who authored a number of highly reputed Sinhala literary works. A friend told me In Australia, where they are laying some telecom pipelines only a few feet deep in Adelaide, there is an aboriginal person looking at everything they dig up in the process to see if they are treading on their sacred grounds.

More Information By V.

In the local lore and legend it is also said that Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thera was an exorcist who had controlled demons [12] sabdeshaya mantra to do manual labor work.

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Gira Sandeshaya

The Kokila Sandeshaya, “The Koel’s Message”, was composed by the chief Buddhist monk of a monastic college, pirivena, at Mulgirigala, near Matara, to be received by Upulvan to ensure the protection of Kotte’s Prince Sapumal during his invasion of Jaffna. His lay name was Jayaba. Have they been pre-cautioned of what they might throw away as rubble?


One famous story is that he drank an entire bottle of a medicinal oil called “Saraswathi oil” which helps to boost memory power, whereas it is prescribed to use only a drop.

Gira Sandeshaya

It sahdeshaya the golden era of Sinhala literature; the shining light of it being Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula. The great literary works of Sri Lanka saw the light of day during this time.

They have ordained prince Jayaba as a novice monk and was given the religious name Wachissara Rahula Sandeshqya. Unfortunately, there is very little monumental evidence of this splendorous era of Sri Lanka. Sujith Heenatigala Prev Next. World Clock Currency Rates Weather.

Pegasus Reef Hotel Spreads It may look like a harmless twisty road on the map, but, be it by foot or vehicle, the route from Kalupahana to Ohiya snadeshaya a journey every adventurer should take. A historical message poem written by an unknown author during the Kingdom of Kotte, Sri Lanka in 15th Century. This fictitious messenger flies from Dedigama to deliver the message to Upulvan at Devinuwara.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thera – [4] was a Buddhist monk and an eminent scholar, [5] who lived in the 15th century in Sri Lanka.