GIRM The Deacon at the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Posted on 24 January by catholicsensibility. In these six sections, we have a number of. E DESIRE TO POST every G.I.R.M. version we can locate, in the cleanest and most accurate PDF files possible. We welcome your contributions. General Instruction on the Roman Missal B) Mass with a Deacon. When he is present at the celebration of the Eucharist, a Deacon should exercise .

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In promoting this dignity, the beauty of the sacred place, of music, and of art should contribute as greatly gir possible.

Afterwards, when appropriate, the priest addsOfferte vobis pacem Let us offer each other the sign of peace. A concelebrated Mass, whatever its form, is arranged in accordance with the norms commonly in force cf.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal

Communicants should not be denied Holy Communion because they kneel. Then, standing at the altar or at the credence table, he purifies the paten or ciborium over the chalice, then purifies the chalice, saying quietly, Quod ore giem Lord, may I receiveand dries the chalice with a purificator.

The norms on the manner of singing are the same as for the Entrance chant cf. Then he places the paten with the bread on the corporal. If the celebrant is a Bishop, in the Prayers, after the words Papa nostro N. Then he says, Lectio sancti Evangelii A reading from the holy Gospelmaking the sign of the cross with his thumb on the book and on his forehead, grm, and breast, which everyone else does as well.

The singing at this time is done either alternately by the choir and the people or in a similar way by the cantor and the people, or entirely by the people, or by the choir alone. If, giirm, another liturgical action follows the Mass, the concluding rites, that is, the greeting, the blessing, and the gigm, are omitted.

GIRM The Deacon at the Liturgy of the Eucharist | Catholic Sensibility

When there is only one reading before the Gospel. Still others, such as the prayers for the Church, the laity, the sanctification of human work, the community of all peoples, and certain needs proper to our era, have been newly composed, drawing on the thoughts and often the very phrasing of the recent documents of the Council. If no deacon is present, after the Prayer of the Faithful is concluded and while the priest remains at the chair, the acolyte places the corporal, the purificator, the chalice, the pall, and the Missal on the altar.

Then the cantor, the lector, or another person announces the intentions from the ambo or from some other suitable place while facing the people, who take their part by responding in supplication.


This is particularly true in the communal Sunday celebration.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal

Rather, such instances should be addressed pastorally, by providing the faithful with proper catechesis on the reasons for this norm.

They answerEt cum spiritu tuo And also with you.

All the concelebrants, together with the people, sing or say the final acclamation Quia tuum est regnum For the kingdom. After the prayer In spiritu humilitatis Lord God, we ask you to receive us or after the incensation, the priest washes his hands standing at the side of the altar and, as the minister pours the water, says quietly, Lava me, Girn Lord, wash away my iniquity.

The people respond, Et cum spiritu tuo And also with you. Before and after an incensation, a profound bow is made to the 20012 or object that is incensed, except for the incensation of the altar and the offerings for the Sacrifice of the Tirm.

The faithful kneel after the Agnus Dei unless the diocesan Bishop determines otherwise.

The homily, Profession of Faith, and Prayer of the Faithful, however, develop and conclude this part of the Mass. This acclamation, which is part of the Eucharistic Prayer itself, is sung or said by all the people with the priest. Institution narrative and consecration: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In addition, the nature of the ministerial priesthood also puts into its proper light another reality, which must indeed be highly regarded, namely, the royal priesthood of the faithful, whose spiritual sacrifice is brought to completeness through the ministry of the Bishop and the priests in union with the sacrifice of Christ, the one and only Mediator.

In which the Church, fulfilling the command that she received from Christ the Lord through the Apostles, keeps the memorial of Christ, recalling especially his blessed Passion, glorious Resurrection, and Ascension into heaven.

Effective immediately, this translation of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal is the sole translation of the Institutio Generalis Missalis Romani, editio typica tertia for use in the dioceses of the United States of America. The Communion chant begins while the priest is receiving the Sacrament cf. In each of the Eucharistic Prayers, these formulas are to be modified according to the requirements of grammar.

When girrm fact there is no choir, it is up to the cantor to lead the different chants, with grim people taking part. This invocation accompanies the fraction and, for this reason, may be repeated as many gitm as necessary until the rite has reached its conclusion, the last time ending with the words dona nobis pacem grant us peace. Even before the celebration itself, it is commendable that silence to be observed in the church, in the sacristy, in the vesting room, and in adjacent areas, so that all may dispose themselves to carry out the sacred action in a devout and fitting manner.


When the distribution of Communion is completed, the deacon returns to the altar with the priest and collects the fragments, if any remain, and then carries the chalice and other girk vessels to the credence table, where he purifies them and arranges them in the usual way while the priest returns to the chair. This unity is beautifully apparent from the gestures and postures observed in common by the faithful. The concelebrants approach the altar one after another or, if two chalices are used, two by two.

In Eucharistic Prayer IV, virm Confitemur tibi, Pater sancte Father, gidm acknowledge up to and including the words omnem sanctificationem compleret bring us the fullness of grace is spoken by the principal celebrant alone, with hands extended.

In the absence 212 an instituted lector, other laypersons may be commissioned to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture. Moreover, it is unlawful to substitute other, non-biblical texts for the readings and responsorial Psalm, which contain the word of God. It is also permissible to sing another psalm or tract, as found in the Gradual. Lastly, if incense is used, he assists the priest in putting some into the thurible and in incensing the cross and the altar.

In that case, the lector walks in front of the priest but otherwise along with the other ministers. When no deacon is present, a duly instituted giirm carries the sacred vessels to the credence table and there purifies, wipes, and arranges them in the usual way. In coming to the altar, when no deacon is present, the lector, wearing approved attire, may carry the Book of the Gospelswhich is to be slightly elevated.

The diocesan Bishop or anyone equivalent to him in law must be mentioned by means of this formula: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here In the dioceses of the United States of America, for a good reason, 22012 special occasions for 20122, in the case of a funeral, a wedding, or when civic leaders are present the priest may offer the sign of peace to a few of the faithful near the sanctuary.

The deacon reverently drinks at the altar all of the Blood of Gitm that remains, assisted, if necessary, by some of the concelebrants. In the absence also of other ministers, their proper parts birm be entrusted to other suitable members of the faithful; otherwise, they are carried out by some of the concelebrants.