Offers a stimulating introduction to globalization and its varying impacts across, a single conceptual framework, Manfred Steger presents globalization in plain. Globalization: A Very Short Introduction has been fully updated for a third edition, Manfred Steger, author Professor of Political Science at the University of. Globalization has ratings and 75 reviews. Ahmad said: Globalization: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions #86), Manfred B. StegerFor.

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Steger, Manfred. (). Globalization: A very short introduction | Rosana Pinotti –

For example, American social theorist Francis Fukuyama explicitly welcomes the global spread of Anglo-American values and lifestyles, equating the Americanization of the world with the expansion of democracy and free markets. There are no solid logical arguments largely theoretical and it is much more based on the authors own feelings. Contents a contested concept. This book was definitely interesting. These giant firms and their global globaliztion have become major determinants of trade flows, the location of industries, and other economic activities around the world.

For a far more insightful historical view of globalization, see ” These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Foreign banks and creditors reacted by declin- ing new credit applications and refusing to extend existing loans.

At the same time, however, it must be emphasized that even those voices that oppose modernity cannot extricate themselves from the very process of globalization they so decry. The successful endeavour of the South American nomads rested on the migratory achievements of their Siberian ancestors who had crossed the Bering Strait into North America a thousand years earlier. I also want to express my deep appreciation introuction numerous readers, reviewers, and audiences around the world, who, over several years, made insightful comments in response to my public lectures and publications on the subject of globalization.


The bit on “religious globalism” is incredibly short and superficial and hinges on the idea of Al-Qaeda as a single centralized organization, apparently ignorant of the considerable number of specialists who view it as a network of small groups that are rather loosely affiliated to one another.

After all, it is globalizatkon the question of whether globalization ought to be considered a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ thing that globalizafion spawned heated debates in classrooms, boardrooms, and on the streets. I suggest we begin our journey with a careful examination of the aforementioned videotape. Contemporary globalization has weakened some of the conventional boundaries between domestic and foreign policies while fostering introdiction growth of supraterritorial social spaces and institutions that, in turn, unsettle traditional political arrangements.

Although there have been serious attempts by some countries to resist these forces of’cultural imperialism’ – for example, a ban on satellite dishes in Iran, and the French imposition of tariffs and quotas on imported film and television – the spread of American popular culture seems to be unstoppable.

In order to acknowledge the full historical record, we reach back even further to such momentous technological and social achievements as the production of paper, the development of writing, the invention of the wheel, the domestication of wild plants and animals, the emergence of language, and, finally, the slow outward migration of our African ancestors at the dawn of human evolution.

Consequently, this group of commentators suggests that political power is located in global social formations and expressed through global networks rather than through territorially based states.

Responsibility for cross-border wrongful acts is a ‘private matter’ concerning only those affected. The often-repeated phrase that ‘globalization compresses time and space’ simply means that things are getting faster and distances golbalization shrinking dramatically. In addition, nation-states have retained control over education, infrastructure, and, most importantly, population movements.

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This is where we find ourselves now, inafter Brexit and Trump becoming president of the US. Today, its products connect one billion people in an invisible web around the globe. I welcome the progressive transformation of social structures that goes by the name of globalization, provided that the global flow of ideas and commodities, and the rapid development of technology, go hand in hand with greater forms of freedom and equality for all people, as well as with more effective protection of our global environment.


Emerging Security Threats in the Middle East.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

As a consequence, TNCs have become extremely important players that influence the economic, political, and social welfare of many nations. For one, the generally low nutritional value of fast-food meals – and particularly their high fat content – has been implicated in the rise of serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and juvenile obesity. The ten points of the Washington Consensus, as defined by Williamson, required governments to implement the following structural adjustments in order to qualify for loans: Sceptics have also expressed the suspicion that the proponents of cosmopolitanism do not consider in sufficient detail the cultural feasibility of global democracy.

Although Osama bin Laden and his top lieutenants were then hiding in a remote region of the country, they obviously possessed the hi-tech equipment needed to record the statement.

In order to shed light on these rhetorical manoeuvres, any introduction to globalization ought to examine its ideological dimension. Globalization is hard to pin down as a concept.

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