The ClassicNote study guide on Gorilla, My Love contains a biography of Toni Cade Bambara, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz. Gorilla, My Love. Toni Cade Bambara “Gorilla, My Love” is the story of Hazel, a young girl who feels that adults do not treat children with respect and. GORILLA, MY LOVE Source for information on Gorilla, My Love by Toni Cade Bambara, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary.

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Angrily, Hazel storms off to see the manager and get their money back.

Gorilla, My Love

In “How She Came by Her Name,” an interview conducted a short time before Bambara’s death and published after she died, she spoke more openly about her childhood than she had previously—at least, on the record. The stories are well-written and narrated, some stories ba,bara, some are dark, and some are thought-provoking. Why not add some poetry and personal essays in there too?

I’m not so sure about their mixing short stories, novellas, autobiography, and novels. If you were in the movies, you were in the children’s section, roped off with that lady in the white dress with the flashlight to hit you with and keep you all in check. About Gorilla, My Love In these fifteen superb stories, this essential author of African American fiction gives us compelling portraits of a wide range of unforgettable characters, from sassy children to cunning old men, in scenes shifting between uptown New York and rural North Carolina.

Things become quite chaotic as the main character tries to make sense of what is going on and tries to step in to defend Manny.

Gorilla, My Love |

Apparently, bzmbara go to the movies quite frequently; they know all of the theaters within walking distance of their home in northern New York City, and what each is showing. In this way, she demonstrates the obstacles to even arriving at a liberatory perspective in a culture of domination as a marginalised person.


There are also recurring characters from story bambarx story, which sort of ties gkrilla few of them together. Other forms of emotional bonding with her brothers, her family, other children will sustain Hazel and tide her over the experienced disillusionment, the text seems to suggest; but her outlook will remain agonistic, i. Mama has shown Hazel that an African American woman need not back down. I look at stories like Bambara’s in wonder because roni much can be conveyed in the most seemingly mundane occurrences.

Even though “Gorilla, My Love” does not end happily for her, the reader knows that in the long run she will be a survivor. This reading is supported by an earlier incident in which Hazel could not protest effectively. In the first four stories considered in this study, male characters whose neighbors seem to fear them are shown to be popular entertainers, known for their lingistic virtuosity and applauded in figurative language.

If these men are Signifyin gposing as gorillas to show that they are guerrillas, however, the similarly-camouflaged women probably do, indeed, love them.

View all 7 comments. She published relatively little fiction during her career, though several of her stories, including “Gorilla, My Love” and “The Lesson”have become standard texts for high school and college classes.

Gorilla, My Love by Toni Cade Bambara | : Books

Writing almost consistently from a female viewpoint and creating mainly black characters who come from widely varied segments of contemporary life, she presents without rancor the distinctly black experience. That being said, the strongest stories from Gorilla, My Love are some of the best I’ve ever read.

My friend who recommended this collection of short stories to me described it as “unapologetic.

One of Bambara’s special gifts as a writer of fiction is her ability to portray with sensitivity and compassion the experiences of children from their point of view. Bambara is a master of the short story form. Although the stories were short they were power packed and reflective on life issues as seen from a child’s view.

The stories interrogate both black femininity and black masculinity. There follow bamabra pages a large section in a story of only seven and a half pages that appear at first to contain a long and puzzling digression on a memory from the previous Easter. For, in the process of extricating puns, the reader joins the resistance to acculturation and becomes a [Signifyin g ] Gorilla, My Love. Many critics now began to reject the idea of an objective evaluation of artistic merit, in part because many rejected the ability of middle-aged, middle-class white men who had made up the largest portion of important critics to be objective, not to mention wise, about literature by women, by African Americans and members of other ethnic groups, by gay and lesbian writers, by working-class writers, and so on.


In she changed her name to include the name of a West Toni Cade Bambara, born Miltona Mirkin Cade March 25, — December 9, was an African-American author, documentary film-maker, bambarra activist and college professor.

These dialogues are what give life to her characters.

One or two are hard for me, but the rest are just wonderful. The children go wild, “Yellin, booin, stompin and carryin on” until Thunderbuns, the sternest of the theater matrons, comes to silence them.

If I’m reading a string of mostly first-person POV vignettes, there has to be a coherent narrative thread that moves the story along; it wasn’t quite there, and three or four of these stories were literally impossible to understand yikes! A couple of the later stories have a different style which is less coherent and approachable.

Hazel’s hurt with respect to her uncle is in one sense a comedy, soon to pass—but in another sense toji is a cataclysmic loss of trust and belief placed in the emotional and moral authority of her uncle.

In a world where adults routinely take advantage of children, being able to count on one’s family as gangsters can count on their partners is important protection.