Results Gouru Thirupathi Reddy – online Telugu Books. Vastu Sastra Vastavalu By Gouru Tirapathi Reddy Rs Out Of Stock. Out Of Stock. (GOURU TIRUPATI REDDY) N The Secret World of Vaasthu Modem Vastu after keen observation and experimentaion has propounded laws that the house . The Sanskrit word vaastu means “any really existing or abiding substance, thing, object, article”, and also “goods, wealth, property”. vāstu takes the meaning of.

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Maheshwara, the great bestower of peace and prosperity, had indulged a great sin, the Brahama Hatya. Orientalists considered the first letter of the name of the person, constructing the house, for the purpose of arriving at “Aayam”.

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If it is not kept vacant the house will become a desert due to female mortality and remains as a house without a female member. If the northern road is high, the main entrance of the house may be fixed towards east. After deep study of the fact, we can find that by the time of Varaha mihira, the entry time of sun into Makara has been delayed by 6 steps, Padas, to Vedanga Jyothisha period, i. It deals with the construction of buildings both secular and religious apart from sculpture.

An intennediate direction is formed when two directions converge and make an angle, viz, Northeast Eesanya in between north and east, Southeast Agneya in between south and east, Southwest Nairuthi in between south and west and Northwest Vayuvya in between north and west. Bedroom, store, toilet, stairs, trees. Chandra Sekhar in rendering my Telugu book into English not merely as a translation butalmosta recreation by adding his literary taste, flair for writing.


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It was a well known fact to the ancestors, that the sun would be straight on the head at Midday or on equator on 21st March redddy 23rd September which is called equinox, when the day and the night would be approximately equal i. So a house facing south with northern door or facing east with western door can be built.

Science is an ocean and research is the exploration of that ocean to find out the hidden treasures or facts. E-Gift Couponclick here. When the house is constructed in this site in southwest the gates be provided in northern northeast, exalted north, eastern northeast and exalted east; southern southeast and exalted south.

Since Vaasthu reads the characteristics redy the houses and explains their effects on the inhabitants in a scientific manner, we can undoubtedly say that Vaasthu tiruppati a science.

Characteristics of a Science: Andhra Mahabharata, Sabhaparva canto 2. One should never dispose off houses or vacant sites located to the northeast of the main house. However, our research has proved that rooms of larger dimension in west and south, when compared to east and north are yielding better results ; the underlying principle being the capacity of western and southern parts to bear relatively more weight.

Vaasthu is practicable, as it is capable of being experimented. Certain third grade sites may yield the results of second grade sites. This was written by Sutradhara Mallu in 12th century AD.

Annex not a plot in southwest though gifted – Do not allow your joy get drifted. He became angry and cut off the head with his right hand pointing finger. Similarly ‘Vaasthu Chlntamani’ an oriental treatise exempts, houses having dimension below 16 cubits and above 32 cubits, from the concept of Aayam.


Some exponents of Vaasthu opine that the cardinal area should be measured excluding the width of the walls while others include it, while some others hold that it should be the area between the centre points of width of the opposite walls.

Exit to northwestern room in north – In debiliated position, the peace of women folk is in dearth. Billions of years ago the atmosphere comprising dust particles began to converge into a globe due to the reciprocal gravitational pull among the particles. December, 4th Edition: While yoga and rddy focus on our body to achieve this objective, vastu focuses on our surrounding environments.

Hence, if a portico is felt essential, the same should be extended upto the northeastern redd of the house. Availability – In Stock Dispatched in working days.

On 21st March in the morning a stick was fixed on the ground in the sun and a circle was drawn with the help of a rope, making the stick its centre. Write a Testimonial Few good words, go a long way, thanks! In case of northeastern block, if the roads in east and north are laid in such a way, that the northeastern tip of the plot is projected, the residents of such plot lead a fabulous life and their progeny would prove to be highly intellectual and possess moral and sacrificial yirupati.

Eastern portico truncates northeast and southeast. The underlying root is vas.