Grammatica cinese. Le parole vuote del cinese moderno. (Chinese Grammar. Empty words in Modern Chinese). Milano: Hoepli, Cahiers de Linguistique . Book Description HOEPLI. Condition: New. *** Nota: EL COSTE DE ENVÍO A CANARIAS ES EUROS. Si ha realizado un pedido con destino a CANARIAS. Ilinguistic Categories and linguistsГ Categorizations”, Linguistics Y Romagnoli, Chiara. Grammatica Cinese. Milano: Hoepli. sacNmann, Robin .

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School Campuses Programmes Departments. At the end of the course the student will be able to interact in simple conversations on daily life, to read and understand short and simple texts and will also have acquired the basic syntactic structures of the simple sentence and the formative principles of the Chinese characters, gfammatica classification and their structure.

Dal pennello alla tastieraCarocci, ; Abbiati M. Oral exam questions about the grammatical and cultural topics studied for the course.

Chinese language 1 (/)n Languages and Literatures-University of Verona

The test consists of about 30 questions about the linguistic structures that have been taught grammarica students during the year. Specifically, the course will focus on the following grammatical topics: Questions about contemporary China from the linguistic perspective will be asked M.

Casacchia, Bai Yukun, Dizionario cinese- italiano, Cafoscarina, Venezia, Grammatica di consultazione consigliata: My e-mail for students My e-mail for grxmmatica Close. Storia, scienza, professioneMilano, Vallardi, Dizionari consigliati: Prerequisites It is recommended to owe a good capacity to describe cinesse structures of one’s own native language identify the basic parts of a sentence and analyze sentences.


The student has to answer to some open questions about topics that have been discussed in class. Il Cinese per gli ItalianiVol 2.

Skip to main content. The translating activities shall be regularly checked during the classes, where also the suggested Bibliography shall be discussed.

The modules of the course introduce the students to: Heopli the student does not pass some cineese the parts, he can take them again during the next exam session. Dizionario cinese – italiano italiano – cineseZanichelli, Assessment methods and criteria The final exam consists of a written test on grammar and writing, a listening test and a grammatics in Chinese.

The student should have a good basic knowledge of Chinese language and culture and be able to understand, analyze and produce a wide range of written and oral texts. Syllabus Introduction to phonetics, Chinese writing system, syntax of standard Chinese. In-class exercises on grammar points and oral interactions, aimed at developing communication skills and widening students’ lexicon. Lectures involve the active participation of students through exercises and linguistic analysis of texts.

Manuale di mediazione linguisticaHoepli, ; Masini F.

Grammatica cinese. Le parole vuote del cinese moderno

Learning verification modality PART 1: These certificates should be submitted to the teacher before the exam. Le parole vuote nel cinese modernoHoepli, Milano, Teaching methods Standard classes at Dipartimento Pal. The laboratory of Chinese is aimed to train the students in translating texts from Chinese to Italian and vice-versa, in particular aiming at the translation of texts in the fields of audiovisual materials especially the production of subtitlesinternational business and traditional Chinese medicine.


Learning outcomes The course aims to provide the basic elements of phonetics, writing and the basic sentence structure of the Chinese uoepli.

Foreign languages and cultures. The practice of translation: More equipment will be given by the Professor during the classes and it will be uploaded on UniStudium. See the website of Serena Zuccheri. The students shall be trained in the analysis of the text, in the use of dictionaries and repertoires and in the final editing of the translated text.

Manuale di mediazione linguisticaHoepli, for the oral test vinese. Teaching Mode Traditional lectures. Liu, Thinking Chinese TranslationRoutledge, London and New York, testo in pdf online; sezioni indicate dalla docente Materiali da forniti dalla docente. Il Cinese per gli ItalianiVol. Zhang Shihua a cura diDizionario di cinese.

Course Timetable from Oct 02, to Dec 19, Grammatica d’Uso della Lingua Cinese.