Granulasi basah. Tujuan granulasi. Formula tablet. R/ Parasetamol mg. Amilum 10% (bahan penghancur) Larutan gelatin 5% (bahan pengikat) Lactosa qs. Parasetamol. aduk hingga larut mg parasetamol (WHO. ).1 N . Metode Pembuatan Tablet Yang Digunakan Yakni Metode Granulasi Basah. Uploaded. DISINTEGRATING TABLET PARASETAMOL DENGAN METODE GRANULASI BASAH. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang.

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Low-Shear Tumble GranulatorAlthough low-shear tumble granulators may differ from one another invessel geometry and type of dispersion or intensifier bar, no low-sheartumble granulator subclasses have been identified.

Spray Dry GranulationA pumpable granulating liquid containing solids in solution orsuspension is atomized in a drying chamber and rapidly dried by acontrolled gas stream, producing a dry powder.

Dry GranulationSerbuk kering didensifikasi dan atau di aglomerasi dengan metode direct physical compactionb. One of the techniques used to formulate ODT is wet granulation. Spray Dry Granulator17Although spray dry granulators may differ from one another in geometry,operating pressures, and other conditions.

Dasar Teori Granulasi Kering Documents. In this research the influence of polyplasdone XL as disintegrant on physical characteristics of paracetamol ODT prepared by wet granulation was observed.

The number of fines showed good result for all the formulas that were made, while the moisture content were too dry, as well as the flow rate and still has the parasetsmol of reposewere very bad. Pembahasan Tr Granulasi Kering Documents. Published on Dec View Download Wet Low-Shear Granulator16Wet low-shear granulator subclasses primarily are distinguished by thegeometry and design of the shear inducing components; shear can beinduced by rotating impeller, reciprocal kneading action, or granulqsi action.


Granulasi tools

Evaluasi Serbuk Granulasi Kering Documents. Wet High-Shear GranulatorWet high-shear granulator subclasses primarily are distinguished by thegeometric positioning of the primary impellers; impellers can be top,bottom, or side driven. Granulasi tools Download Report. C SluggingC Roller Compaction2. The physical charateristics of granules including the number of fines, moisture content, flow rate and angle of repose.

Serbuk dimodifikasi dengan tambahan bahan pengikat agar paradetamol terikat atau dengan metode dry compaction forces. Lapak Solid Granulasi Basah Documents. From statistical analysis, it could be seen that there was a significant difference between F1 with F2 and F3, but there was no significant difference between F2 and F3 about hardness and disintegration time.

Extrusion GranulatorExtrusion granulator subclasses primarily are distinguished by theorientation of extrusion surfaces and driving pressure productionmechanism. Then bawah physical characteristics of the tablets were measured.

Hasil Evaluasi Granulasi Kering Documents. This is accomplished bycentrifugal or rotational forces from a central rotating disk, rotatingwalls, or both.

Jurnal Awal Granulasi Basah Documents. Teori Dasar Granulasi Kering Documents. Proses tersebut dapat merubah sifat-sifat serbuk seperti: Extrusion GranulationPlasticization of solids or wetted mass of solids and granulationfluid with linear shear through a sized orifice using a pressure15gradient.


Rotary GranulatorRotary granulator subclasses primarily are distinguished by their structuralarchitecture.

Amino Granulasi Basah Septa Documents. Fluid Bed GranulatorAlthough fluid bed granulators may differ from one another in geometry,operating pressures, and other conditions, no fluid bed granulatorsubclasses have been identified. Other thesis, University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Orally disintegrating tablets ODT is a solution for pediatric and geriatric patients who have difficulty in taking oral dosage forms.

Granulasi tools

Whereas, from statistical analysis about friability that was significant difference between F3 with F1 and F2, but there was no significant difference between F1 with F2. Dry GranulatorDry granulator subclasses primarily are distinguished by the densificationforce application mechanism.

The results showed that increasing the concentrations of polyplasdone XL in the formula causes the decrease in hardnessand disintegration time with increasing friabilityof the tablet. They have either open top architecture, such as a verticalcentrifugal spheronizer, or closed top architecture, parwsetamol as a closed topfluid bed dryer.