Vinyl Cutter Download Graphtec FC, Vinyl Cutter Machine Download Software Installation & Operation Manual in pdf ( MB) > Download Now. Manually Adjusting the FC ARMS Sensor Level for Glossy Media and Glossy Laminated Prints. When using some glossy media or when using glossy. View and Download GRAPHTEC FC Series user manual online. Cutting Pro . FC Series Plotter pdf manual download.

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Supplement See “Settings of Controls from Computer” If you desire to load vc8000 material from the front, it is also possible to use the front loading.

E It is over the setting range of the Reset to smaller value. Checking The Contents Checking the Contents Check that all of the standard accessories shown below are present. maanual

Unplug the power cord from the socket Prohibited The stand is made up of the following parts. Press the [MENU] key. M ake the settings of the conditions for the basic operation of the plotter, such as display language, unit of the measurements, sensor, etc.

T his function is a factory-installed option. Setting Initial Blade Direction Adjust The direction of blade is adjusted by making the blade touch the media right vc8000 the power is turned on, or after the pen condition is set. Prohibited Prohibited Provide sufficient space maual the plotter so that When using indoor lighting such as fluorescent it does not strike any objects in its vicinity during or other electrical lamps, provide a distance of at cutting.

Tool 1 will use the tool attached to the backward This setting is maintained even if the power is of the tool holder for half cuttingtool 2 will use the tool attached turned off.

ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensing system)

W hen the basket and Graphtec-specified media are used under certain condition settings. There are 8 different patterns of perforated lines set as 0 to 7, and the ratio of cut and uncut part differs in each tool is raised or the force is decreased for following length every 8 mm of the cut. Grzphtec the [3] key AREA. The cutting operation starts before the cutter blade has fully penetrated the media, causing uncut sections to be left.


Paper-weight is located under the tool carriage. WIDTH setting screen is displayed. Be sure to observe all the cautions on the label. With thick film, additional grapgtec is required for the cutter blade to penetrate the media fully, even when the necessary cutting force is applied. If the cutting results are not satisfactory, adjust the various settings and repeat the test cutting until the optimal settings are achieved.

For description, refer to the manual of manul equipment, check with the network administrator. Settings Regarding Operation Environment This chapter describes setting regarding the operation environment.

If there is no registration mark on the media, plot a registration mark first, scan that registration mark, plot another registration mark, and measure the difference of them. Setting the Acceleration Set the acceleration of the tool that is used in each of the tool grapthec numbers.

Check the print position of the registration mark.


Automatically Cross Cut Automatically Cross Cut will automatically cross cut after cutting when graphte cutting is done with provided software. W Cross cut function cannot be used because the media is loaded from the front. Prohibited Prohibited Provide suffcient space around the plotter so that Message prompting to turn the blade-length adjustment knob is displayed.

Confrm fc88000 the pen tool is set. Page – Chapter Aligning the Push Rollers This section describes how to alignment of the push rollers. Blade Application and Features cutter blades have a variety of features. Move the origin point to change the cutting position. When Coordinate Axes Rotation are Set the origin point is moved while the coordinate axes are rotated, the origin point will move as shown below.


To print the manual completely, please, download it. Reinforce by affixing a media on the back side of the backing sheet, where the grit roller will be. This is called the initial blade direction adjust. Standby Position Aligning the Push Roller Position the left and right push rollers to correspond with the width of the media.

Graphtec Manuals and Drivers – SignWarehouse Product Support

Operation 1 Mount either the cutter plungers or the plotting pens on the tool Setting Length of the Overcut Set the length of overcut with tangential emulation. Distance between the registration marks can be Precision of print and cut position will be higher than the 1 axis adjusted. When The Media Width Is To mm Position the media and the push rollers to correspond with the width of the media.

It cannot be seen from outside Supplement The registration mark may not be scanned correctly if the paper-weight is set to OFF. Attaching To The Pen Station Make sure that the tool bracket is engaged on the tool’s flange, and then tighten the grahptec.

Do not allow small children to touch the plotter. Assembling The Stand Assembling the Stand mounting direction is different for the front loading and the rear loading models.

Troubleshooting Refer to this chapter if you feel something is wrong, or it does not work right. Be caution about following when scanning the registration mark.

T est manua are as following. Manual Position Adjust Method of manual position adjust is described here. Load the media in the plotter as shown. After reading this manual, keep it in a handy location for quick reference as necessary.