Shop. Showing 1–16 of 19 results. Black&Gold Hoodie – Youth. $ About Us. Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu is a comprehensive martial arts system, combining. The Position Impossible Podcast is designed to educate the listeners on.

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Which is to say heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez, and a whole other raft of bad asses like Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch and the list goes on and almost endlessly on. Mike PiekarskiNov 20, The Position Impossible Podcast is designed to educate the listeners on various topics related to a world through the lenses of development.

Classes – Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu

Also with his judo pedigree he stresses a lot guerillla standup work. Combining his newfound ground skills with almost 20 years of judo training, David was soon dominating high caliber competitions in both sports.

Which Thompson responded to by standing up off of the tatami mat and heading for the door to drop Camarillo on his head on the pavement. Dave is a 3rd degree black belt. Jiu-hitsu all the same. In addition to echoing everyone in saying that Dave is legit I’d just point out that a difference is that he doesn’t allow kimuras as a white belt.


Which has not at all stopped the detractors who point to his parting from Jjiu-jitsu, his parting from AKA and the UFC, and the inevitable steady flow of coaches in and out as part of “rotten in Denmark” scenario of things not being as rosy as they might seem.

He was promoted to 7th dan in Kodokan judo the day before he died in Follow us on Tumblr.

Guerilla Jiu Jitsu?

They specifically asked me to train them. Dave’s is awesome with some really good technical BJJ. Conor Dave podcasts from Asia.

David trained almost exclusively under his father until the age of 18when he moved on to Fresno State Judo, where he would stay for two years. We believe in setting and reaching goals. Do you already have an account?

For someone that prefers to let free weights collect dust while he spends countless hours on the mat, it was a perfect fit. SuperSuperRamboNov 20, Mar 23, Messages: David has amassed a large following of students not only at the main Ralph Gracie academy in Mountain View, Calif.

My girlfriend trained there for abit and it really improved her game. And the judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu championships reel off the roll: Definitely a legit academy. And on the way out he chats easily about 32 years neck and knuckle deep in the fight game before saying that for him martial arts is about an approach to reality that would stand many in good or much better stead than not and is about a guiding principle that gudrilla holds dear.


Dec 1, Messages: The ApostleNov 20, I want competent grapplers, not tournament savvy students who are better at jumping to half guard and winning ugerilla advantage than actually using JJ as a fighting guerulla. Title Fight ProductionsNov 19, I’m a purple belt out of guerrilla jiu jitsu aka sunnyvale.

And we’re not talking about feelings. ArkridgeNov 19, It’s not like it’s a new kind of jiu jitsu. Dave podcasts from Asia. The speaker is Dave Camarillo. No, create an account now.

About – Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu

Probably more than most BJJ places. Apr 11, Messages: He has a ton of experience training many people in many walks of life. Aug 14, Messages: Apr 12, Messages: Since then all kinds of wild fortune has headed his way.