El Tambor De Hojalata has ratings and reviews. Dan said: My reaction to finishing this book was ‘thank god that’s over’. I thought it was in. El tambor de hojalata, vol I has 25 ratings and 0 reviews: Hardcover. El Tambor De Hojalata has ratings and reviews. kaire said: هذه الروايه تحتاج إلى نفس عميق وطويلوتركيز شديد لا أملكه إن لم تكن الروايه للمت.

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Teresa rated it liked it Jan 17, I am amazed at how much I hated this guy, and hojaoata had nothing to do with his size or his hump which he can’t seem to stop talking about once it grows, he could have been six foot tall and a movie star and I still would have hated this guy. Well one of his fathers anyway.

El Tambor De Hojalata

This is a windbag of a book. Some parts and tear jerkingly beautiful juxtaposed with segments that are Grass does have talent.

Quotes from El tambor de hoja Luz Lazaro is currently reading it Aug 18, Oskar Matzerath is een fascinerende vertelstem die grillig wisselt van perspectief, van eerste naar derde persoon en weer terug. It’s also a bit repetitive I actually feel this would have been better as a holiday read where I would have been able to give it some time.

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His style of writing is the most horrid and grsas I’ve ever forced myself through and to this day I have not the slightest idea how I actually endured this whole book. And they are the survivors, for they have to do the difficult job of explaining the matters. He claims that at the age of 3, he made a conscious decision to stop growing, so that hojalat would never have “to rattle a cash register”.

His most recent release in Spanish is Mi siglo. Quotes from El Tambor De Hoja See 2 questions about El Tambor De Hojalata…. Especially the last third. He tries to posses only. Trivia About The Tin Drum. I just felt like I could see through Grass’s writing, and it felt like he wasn’t actually a great writer, he just had the ability to focus on some meaningless object or event and use a thesaurus to describe it circularly.

tamvor So far so good I’m still reading and I gave one as gift. Reading this book you realise the big distance between “exciting” to “amazing”. There must be something I am missing as the other reviews are so effusive, and that was part of the reason I kept going, but honestly, I regret persevering.

Rasputin represents the need for Dionysian communitarian intoxication underlying the deeply individualistic petit bourgeoisie society of pre-war Danzig. Perhaps you have already d it. To ask other readers questions about El Tambor De Hojalataplease sign up.


It has been called one of the great novels of the twentieth century if not the greatest novel of the twentieth century, not however by me. The book is good. Feb 05, One.

He does not end up looking a considerate and kindly person. Unfortunately, the book went drastically down hill for me. But at most times when talent is over expressed it becomes taxing, and that is what this page novel is: So there hjoalata something inherently different about the people the book talks about.

El Tambor De Hojalata by Günter Grass (1 star ratings)

He always identified himself as a Kashubian. I don’t think I am ever going to be able to explain why I love this. Il fatto che la narrazione passi dalla prima alla terza persona non agevola la lettura, anzi, la rende pesante e difficilmente digeribile da assaporare fino in fondo.