Saamuhika Gurucharitra Parayan. All these 4 come about by the adoption of a Guru in the Datta-path. The Guru from the anubhava gives upadesha and Adesha. Guru Charitra a holy book depicting teachings of Lord dattatreya’s two avtars During the holy months, people perform parayan of the book. 23 डिसें How to do the Parayana of Gurucharitra?? The proper . Start parayan midnight 2 o’clock and it will finished before night 12 o’clock. Reply.

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Anonymous November 1, at 1: Anonymous February 26, at 1: This pure and gurk story will get their desires fulfilled without any trouble.

Sri Gangadhar Saraswathi, the author of the book paarayan Marathi tells in the following lines about the resultant virtues after reading this holy book. Several miraculous deeds are associated with these two Gurus — 5 such deeds are relating to Shripad Shri Vallabh chapters 5 to 10 and 26 are relating to Shri Narasinha Saraswati, chapters 11 to 51 besides many mythological pouranik tales have also been narrated in this volume by way of illustration.

A 7-day Saptaha means you begin reading on a Thursday and end it on a Wednesday.


Eating of Onion, Garlic, Egg etc must not be done and if possible one must have food only once and Fast in the Morning or Night. Anonymous July 22, at 7: Trinadha Rao Mungi December 10, at 9: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Srawan Kumar Joshi September 9, at We must look upon him as a form of Sree Guru. Only good and noble souls will take birth in their houses. Sri Guru Charitra blog lo vunchinadhuku god will bless you Anonymous June 21, at The narration includes anecdotes from the lives of Lord Dattatreya and his incarnations.

Anonymous August 21, at Sudheer Reddy July 29, at Anonymous April 29, at However pages are not in a order in introduction like 6,7,30,31,8,9,10,11, Binaca Geet Mala – Finals!!!

Anonymous December 13, at 9: One can feel the experiences when he goes through chapter by chapter thoroughly. The first day 7 chapters; second and third days, 4 chapters each; thereafter, two chapters per day.

Reading Guru Charitra – My experience

If anyone have reading as habit can read very fluently and fat time may be consumed less and depends on the books which they choose to read. The women goes to Narsobawadi and prays to Sri Guru Padukas. It means starting parayan in a same day and completing on the same day. Any one does the seva can get fulfill of desires whatever they wish.



Marathi Theva: Gurucharitra – How to Do the Parayana?

Traffica Theme by InkThemes. Dakshina Murthy January 8, at Yes you can read it in evening. Anonymous June 15, at 5: Pancha upacharas or five upacharas refers to 1 Gandha Chandana2 Pushpa flower3 Dhupa incense4 Dipa lamp and Naivedya food. Anonymous April 8, at 4: The Book also provides some of the other Important Historical facts.

Sree Gurucharitra

Dhis philosophy and teachings. I charitfa 6th and 7th Chapters in the Gokarnam temple as suggested by the writer of this book.

Even today devotees experience his Blessings by reading Sri Guru Charitra repeatedly. All these 4 come about by the adoption of a Guru in the Datta-path. parayyan