Futaba GY Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Futaba GY Instruction Manual. Nstruction, Anual • Read online or download PDF • Futaba GY User Manual. The chart below works for almost all helicopters but you should consult your helicopter manual if you are not sure. Note that I have seen.

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One direction will set the gain value for heading hold and the other will be for standard rate.

Just hold it on manjal of the ball. You should set it up in rate mode, even if you only intend to fly it in HH mode which most of us do. Watch the light on the gyro, when you rotate the helicopter the light will blink fast either blue or red.

Futaba GY520 Gyro

In a moment you will turn on the receiver. I rotated the servo mount to a position that put the ball directly inline with the tail control rod.

Back to Main Page. So it is important to make the checks on the bench so you do not risk damaging the helicopter.

FUTABA GY520 Instruction Manual Page 23

Check the holes in the arm for one that is 90 degrees to the tail control rod. The instructions state that you should set it up in HH mode if you are going to fly in HH mode-this is incorrect. That is the servo limit setting mode.


The light will change to a violet color. Next you set to limits. If none come close you can use the Rudder Sub-trim to adjust this but after you complete this step make sure you turn the heli off then back on so it will initialize at the new sub-trim position.

I fly smooth 3D and prefer the slower rotation rate. This will set it up for the next step. For a to class mount it about Move the nose of the helicopter left and verify the trailing edge of the tail blades move to the right. Power up the radio and majual receiver. Do not stick the gyro to the side of the frameset.

On a larger class 50 size it might be in the 80 to range. Once you have the servo type correctly set then hold the button on the gyro for 2 seconds to move to the next function.

Futaba GY Manuals

Move the Gear switch down position 1. With the main blades rotating clockwise as seen from above, the tail rotor should rotate counter-clockwise as viewed from the right side.

The gyro should still be in the ‘Servo Limits’ manuzl which is a 3-Blink. Move the rudder stick right and verify the trailing edge of the tail blades move to the right.


Futaba GY Helicopter Gyro w/Heading Hold |

For this setup we will not use the built-in gyro function. On this gyro it is easy to see the state it is in. Standard Rate mode Move the Gear switch down position 1. If not, hold the button down to enter setup mode.

The goal is with the rudder manuual centered, the tail control lever and the servo arm are both 90 degrees to the tail control rod. In the picture you see the link it bent down, the 90 degree angle is in reference to the unbent part of the tail control rod. When you mount the gyro, use the supplied foam tape. Now quickly press and release the button on the gyro. For the first second the light will blink slow.

Make sure when you are adjusting the tail control rod links that you do not get too much of the threads showing.