The TEG® Hemostasis Analyzer System provides a more complete .. TEG are trademarks or registered trademarks of Haemonetics Corporation in the. Consult HAEMONETICS’s entire TEG ® catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/8. Consult HAEMONETICS’s entire TEG Hemostasis Analyzer System catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/8.

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TEG Haemonetics U.S.A – HSC

All studies in hemonetics above-cited references were conducted on patients undergoing liver transplantation or cardiopulmonary bypass, and native blood samples were used. It should be noted that a clinical fibrinolytic state involves the presence of tissue plasminogen activator t-PAwhich produces fibrin degradation products. By default all pages are printed. This is discussed further in Appendix C. If duplicate samples are created as a result of importing into the database, they are automatically deleted at the end of the import, and a message tells you how many duplicates were deleted.

This chapter describes these operations. Therefore, in the presence of such an elongated R, more often the resulting tracing will be similar to tracing hae,onetics. A hadmonetics level of fibrinogen will be compensated for, to some extent, by a high level of platelet function, and vice versa.

TEG 5000 Thrombelastograph Hemostasis Analyzer System

Contact information is helpful, as is any lab information. Special 1 and Special 2 sample types have been retained if they exist and are imported as is into version 4. Page 19 Interrelationship of Parameters Chapter 2: The next screen displayed is the report preview. Locate database n Find.


Electrical-mechanical transducer of movement of torsion wire connected to the suspended pin. You can choose to view all tracings or filter the tracings by multiple criteria including patient name, test result ranges, site such as OR1, lab, etc.

PN06-510 TEG 5000 User Manual

In the outer margins, sharing space with the topic headers, you will notice additional text with icons. Using that option, text will not be printed grayscale to mimic color, but will, instead, be printed in black. Since the software is still calculating values, removal of the sample may cause spurious values to be written to the database.

All suggested treatments are based on the experiences of clinicians who have used them successfully and published their results. See Chapter 5, page Click on Filter to invoke advanced filtering To filter on these criteria, click on Filter in the local toolbar. Clicking the Data icon again clears the Data panel. The resultant coagulation profile is therefore a measure of the kinetics of clot formation and dissolution and of clot quality.

The Create case screen is displayed and asks for some cursory information.

The trend lines are generally more useful when the same sample type is selected haemoneticw that the points are connected and the samples truly represent the progress of the patient’s procedure.

Notice teeg the button name changes to Done. In many cases, just typing the first character of your user name, followed by clicking OK or pressing the Enter key will log you in, set your database, and take you to the Main screen.


Merge option The Merge file dialog teb is presented. Case notes tab These notes are printed in the case summary report, as well as tdg the single sample report. Therefore, an elongated K and a reduced a represents a low level of fibrinogen. The corresponding tracings are displayed at the left. The patient tracing is superimposed with the suggested coagulopathy Figure 4. If the clot graphic is not displayed, click on the Clot icon to bring up the clot.

Therefore, in vitro, you could run several samples, perhaps adding FFP to one sample, amicar to another, and platelets to still another.

PN TEG User Manual

Other The Locking tab provides a means to lock out unintentional editing of data on completed cases for whom the data has been reviewed. These become additional data fields for entering blood sample results.

Patient identifying information for samples, both online and on reports, is generally displayed in the form: Add test to normal values screen You can only enter normal values for tests that are already defined.