Happyface. by Stephen Emond. Summer before sophomore year was going well for Happyface. Happyface by Stephen Emond. Publication. I think Stephen Emond did a great job with this. The topper for me is, I have NO idea what the main character’s name is! They call him Happyface and his IM. Moving easily between cartoons and painterly black-and-white illustration, this epistolary novel of a young teen’s reinvention of self is subtle.

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Happyface by Stephen Emond

Be the first to discover new talent! That is one of the reasons why I didn’t get into it at times. The plot worried me throughout a majority of the book. I was shephen huge Image fan until a girlfriend turned me on to indie comics, which read more like the things that went on in my head. This boy was always so much by himself until he met a girl named Chloe.

This isn’t exactly a comic book, but it’s also not a plain novel. You have to pay attention to them though, because sometimes they reveal things that the narrator won’t actually write about. I guess it would be good if you don’t have a lot of time to read and just want something to pick up when you have spare time.


He finds out one of his friends is dating her and calls his friend, Karma, to ruin their relationship. It occurs to me, that I never did see the main characters real name as the whole thing is in first person I like reading this kind of book because it’s fun. That I will continue to be my own person. Happyface is a very quick read, and really really good.

Happyface – by Stephen Emond | The Art of Language

Sep 04, meem rated it really liked it. This certainly got me very, very curious. Wished Happyface meond been a little less lovesick, though.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This wasn’t a horrible book, but I wouldn’t say it was a great book either.

There is a pretty wide range of characters, mainly focusing on the new friends Happyface meets at his new school. Hop over to my blog post on Reading Robyn for a look at some examples of the art inside the book. All in all, Happyface gets five stars from me and it has definitely made the list of my favourite books.

His artistic talent is displayed in the book, and I really enjoyed the different sketches and fonts in the story. Eventually, though, he must find a way to integrate his true self with this invented persona. I felt this story in particular lacked in having a reason for me to continue with it. Throughout all of his changes, Happyface’s writing feels very genuine.



Happyface is covering his sadness with a smile, a joke, a laugh–a rictus ultimately that can’t save him from confronting his past.

Stepyen was a little bit too much romance and I kind of bored me at times. See the world through his hilariously self-deprecating eyes as he learns to shed his comic-book-loving, computer-game playing ways. The story built a tension in me be because of the events that were happening. Hwppy was interesting to read about this character because through the book, Happyface goes through things that changes his life around.

Happyface by Stephen Emond

I rate this book 5 stars. When something sad or bad happened to the main character I would feel down, and I felt bad because the author made it seem like an actual teenagers life going thrrough these things. I hope you take the time to read the three-hundred-and-twenty-page book that will give you a look to what really happens behind the curtains of Facf Face.

It includes different forms of art styles from cartoons to more realistic drawing of characters from the book.